Posted by: VM | 4 August 2009

New Ones on the Roof!

Venture Quays occupiers hang out their flag

Venture Quays occupiers hang out their flag

Having just spoken to the Cowes Roof-Top mini-occupation, I am proud to report that all five activists up there are comfortable and committed to being up there for as long as it takes. The activists are a mix of RMT and Climate Camp individuals, carrying forward the defining “green and red” nature of the Save Vestas campaign (at what point will we be able to call this a “movement”? Just asking…)

Anyway, Richard described to me:
“we’ve got a shelter, a tent and a kitchen up here. We’re taking it in turns to sleep. This is a legal protest, so as far as I can see the police have gone home. We’ve got loads of food up here.”

News coverage:
Daily Echo
The Institute of Commercial Management (which amusingly quotes my ominous “we will not be defeated so soon, comrades.”)

SO SEND IN RENEWED SOLIDARITY MESSAGES, as we have a new occupation to follow. Power to the roof-top shift in Cowes.



  1. I wish you justice and safety x

  2. My sentiments exactly

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