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Just sending our support from members of Malika’s Poetry Kitchen, a writing workshop in South London. We’re with you, keep up the fight. You inspire and see far. Special thanks to the occupiers for their courage and imagination. What you have done in your struggle has put a spotlight on the need for green jobs and sent a lightning bolt through the trade union movement and beyond. Good luck with the meeting with Miliband. If anyone can talk sense into him it will be you. Good luck with the redundancy pay, it’s the least Vestas can do but we know it’s a big deal for you,
– Anne Welsh, Malika Booker, Marc Mathison, Esther Poyer, Allison Lindner, Marsha Blake, Lizelah Than gally, Joslyn Page, Anne Edda Cooper

Cardiff Reds Choir/Cor Cochion Caerdydd sing to support Vestas workers

Cardiff Reds Choir/Cor Cochion Caerdydd sing to support Vestas workers

As the recession bites, job losses are beginning to affect many parts of Wales – including in Caerphilly County Borough. Amidst the gloom the Vestas workers’ fight for 600 jobs have shown us the way forward.
Workers in the Vestas Wind Turbine factory were threatened with closure when the company looked to outsourcing its manufacturing. After two weeks of occupying the factory, the workers were evicted by bailiffs; but they are determined to be reinstated and save their factory.
Wind turbines are a profitable industry, as proven by Vestas’ track record. In the first quarter of 2008 Vestas started moving overseas only becauses its bosses were greedy for still higher profits. If the Government can nationalise the banks, why for goodness sake can’t they step in to save Vestas, one of the few British manufacturers of wind turbines vital to support their policy of renewable energy?
Meanwhile, the opposition’s answer to unemployment is end the job seekers allowance, cut benefits to the unemployed and force people to a job market where no jobs are available. What a crazy world we live in.
– Ray Davies, Côr Cochion Caerdydd (Cardiff Reds Choir) [letter sent to the local press]

We wish you to know that your struggle for fair treatment and justice has the full support of everyone in our branch. We will support your cause in whatever way we can. Please let us know what kind of help you need.
– Alex Wood, Branch Secretary, Unite ACTS branch 1/684

We in UNITE branch 5/589 send you our support and best wishes in your campaign to Save Vestas. We are also writing to our local MP in Oxford East, Andrew Smith, calling on him to urge the government to act, to save jobs and continue production of wind turbines at Vestas.
OJTUS, Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Cowley, Oxford

I am writing on behalf of the Branch Executive Committee to offer wholehearted support for your ‘Save Vestas’ campaign. The Branch Committee feels that this is an important campaign, and that your fight is a valuable one. We all send our best wishes to you in this difficult time, and we are behind you in the spirit of comradeship.
– Miranda K Harr, Branch Chair, PCS DWP Hull and East Riding Branch

That this 1/1111 branch supports the occupation of the Vestas Wind Systems factory by the workers in defence of their jobs. Closure of this factory by Vestas is a perfect example of the failure of capitalism to solve the world threatening problem of climate disaster. The capitalist economic system is responsible for the massive overproduction which is the basis of the crisis in global warming. Capitalism is incapable of solving this crisis, as the Capitalist profit motive finds the continuance of non-renewable energy production a far greater attraction than the huge investment required in renewable energy systems. We call for the nationalisation of Vestas by the Labour government and the all out production of wind turbine
energy as a matter of extreme urgency. We pledge a donation of £200 to give practical support to the occupying workers.
– proposed by David Nissen, branch secretary, passed unanimously by 1/1111 branch Housing Workers (Unite)

Beverley GMB Branch send fraternal greetings and solidarity, fully supporting your struggle for the reinstatement of the eleven sacked workers and the immediate nationalisation of Vestas by this Labour government. Our very best wishes to you and your families, in your fight to save jobs.
Please find enclosed cheque of £100, in support of your cause.
A Davison, On behalf of the GMB Trade Union Beverley Branch

Just wanted to send a message of support and solidarity for what you are doing from all here at Mainshill Solidarity Camp, in South Lanarkshire. (We are a protest site defending an area of a proposed opencast coal mine in an area already blighted by opencasts – see
Keep up the good work,
The Mainshill crew

Sisters and brothers,
Thank you for keeping Cardiff Trades Council informed on the developments in your struggle. Please accept our full support in your initiative to prevent blades and other equipment being removed from the plant.
Andrew Price (Secretary)

Fellow Trade Unionists,
Brockenhurst Branch of UCU, University and College Union, have instructed me to express our support as fellow trade unionists for the continued fight to protect employment at the Vestas plant in Newport, Isle of Wight. Petitions have been circulated to members at the branch.
Vince Slattery, Branch Secretary, Brockenhurst Branch of UCU

On behalf of the London and Eastern Regional Political Committee of Unite I am writing to express the committee’s solidarity and support for your cause.
Our political committee does not propose motions but many of the members of the committee belong to other Unite committees which do and will be aiming to pass motions of support.
In solidarity
Richard Munn – On behalf of the Unite London and Eastern Political Committee

This is a message of solidarity from the UNISON North West Young Members Forum. Good luck with your dispute. We are all behind you.
Steven North, NW Representative to the UNISON National Young Members Forum

The plight of the workers at Vestas has been highlighted within the branch. So on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Branch we would like you to know that we are aware of the struggle you are facing and wish you well in your fight to retain the work and the jobs.
Agnes Petkevicius, Branch Secretary, Unison City of Edinburgh Branch

On behalf of the memebrs of Gillingham & Strood Branch of the RMT we send you our greetings and support for your struggle against the continued attack on working people by those who should know better.
Yet again the recession is blamed for the greed and opportunism of so called investors.
Yet again the people who pay the price for their selfish, bullish atttitude are the working people.
Please take heart that your campaign is being seen and supported by millions of ordinary people who wish they could be there to support you and those who wish they had your courage to stand up and challenge when something is so clearly wrong.
Ivor Riddell, Asst Branch Secretary, Gillingham & Strood Branch

may we send greetings and solidarity to everyone in the campaign and occupation, keep up the fight, we will win. In solidarity,
Bren Procter, Chair, North Staffs Miners Wives Action Group and National Women Against Pit Closures

King’s Lynn and District Trades Council would like to offer their wholehearted support in the fight against the closure of Vestas Wind Turbine Factory.
In today’s climate, both ecomomic and green, factories such as Vestas supply the needs of governments both regarding employment and the green challenge. We wish you all the best in your fight.
Jo Rust, secretary of King’s Lynn and District Trades Council

The sacked ncp staff in belfast hope the occupation of ur factory get the results u all need and deserve.

Hi we in Remploy the disable factory in Poole Surport the fight. We will back you all the way
the Goverment have to put the money were their mouth is they making us re cycle every thing . we in Poole dont understand why they cant help you. All the Best
Lorain Sheen Remploy Senior Shop Steward for Unite THE UNION

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Our Trades Council meeting last night wholehearted agreed to send you solidarity greetings in support of the occupation and your struggle to defend your jobs and livelihood.
Your occupation and the campaign you have waged over the past weeks has been an inspiration to all workers and has exposed yet again the hypocrisy of this Government, who only today have given £57 million to pay off the bad debts of greedy bankers, but are not prepared to spend a fraction of this to save 600 jobs in the industry that claim they want to expand!!
Keep up the fight!
Eve Turner Secretary, Mick Houghton President, Ealing Trades Union Council

At its meeting yesterday the branch committee of Yorkshire Ambulance UNISON branch agreed to fully support your struggle to save jobs and the production of technology that must play a part in all our futures.
The committee expressed their respect to you for taking a heroic stand against needless job losses during this time of economic crisis. The idea that your skills are redundant when climate change threatens exposes the madness of a system that leaves these decisions in the hands of the market.
We will be sending £100 donation to your solidarity fund and have written to Ed Miliband, one of our constituency MPs, calling on him to respond to your demands.
Good luck to you over the next few days, which we know will be tough.
Alison Brown, on behalf of Yorkshire Ambulance UNISON branch

In keeping with the Union’s policy on environmental issues Hull University Union Executive Committee decided this morning to support the factory occupation as part of the action taken by workers on the Isle of Wight to save their jobs producing wind-turbines.
The meeting also resolved to write a letter to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband calling on the government to save the jobs by nationalising the factory, and ultimately helping to save the planet.
Hull University Union Executive Committee

I am a Unite the Union shop steward for Yorkshire region in Turning Point, a national social care company. After highlighting your struggle to my colleagues they have asked me, as their Rep, to email you with messages of support. A couple have emailed independently, but here’s a couple of short messages:
One union member from Sheffield: ‘Please pass on my message of support to the workers on the Isle of Wight. I support the request for the UK Government to nationalise the wind turbine factory and save 600 jobs. Yours sincerely, Imogen Powell S36 1BR’
Another, from Wakefield said ‘I just want to pass a message on to these workers just to let them know don’t stop fighting as many voices can make positive changes’
Solidarity and keep fighting – your struggle is vital
Max Munday, Unite the Union Shop Steward for Turning Point in Yorkshire

Solidarity greetings from the Fire Brigades Union at Patchway Bristol. You have entered a tremendous phase in your dispute. Occupation is about workers taking control of what is rightfully ours. Your labour in the field of engineering gives us hope for the future, a greener brighter future. That hope has been dashed by the New Labour travesty that poses as a government. The crisis of capital is that the bosses want us to pay for their mess with your jobs. You are in a successful tradition of workplace occupation. You must win as Visteon Prisme and Waterford have won. You must win for all our futures and for your own jobs.

Stay strong, stay solid, take on the experience of those who will support you and support us and others in our fights. Our politics unites us and the bosses want to divide us. They shall never win!
Jaz Thomas Workplace rep FBU Patchway

Please find below the motion that has been unanimously passed this afternoon at a mass meeting of caretakers in Camden, north London. They are facing the privatisation of part of their service, which will mean job losses and a worse service to the council tenants who live on the estates where they work. It was great to hear of other people fighting back, and we will be asking our branch to make a financial donation on Thursday when we have a meeting. Good luck, and let us know what we can do:

“This meeting notes the proposed closure of Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight, with the propsed loss of over 500 jobs. This is the only UK factory where wind turbines are made, and is an important source of alternative energy to help stop climate change. Vestas also made £575 million profit last year, an increase of 51%.
Workers at the factory went in to occupation last night in a fight to stop the factory closing. This meeting agrees to do a collection today and to support the occupation and do whatever we can to help them win at Vestas. We also send this motion to our branch committee and suggest that the branch makes a donaton to the occupying workers.”

Liz Wheatley, deputy convenor, Housing, & Mandy Berger, convenor, Housing in Camden Unison

Following a meeting in London yesterday (Sat 25 July) I am pleased to write on behalf of the United Left in UNISON to express our support for your ongoing fight to save the lone wind turbine factory in England along with hundreds of jobs in an area already plagued by high unemployment and low pay.
George Binette, Joint Secretary, Unison United Left

At the monthly meeting of ‘Manchester TUC Pensioners’ Association’ which took place on Thursday July 30th a motion of support for your occupation was passed. As secretary I was asked to inform you of this. We wish you good luck in your fight for jobs and the future of the planet. I have also emailed Ed Milliband personally, I sometimes wonder what his father Ralph would think of him and his brother if he was still alive because he’s politics was a bit more to the left than theirs. Keep up the fight the vast majority of people in the country are backing you.
John P Johnston (secretary Manchester TUC Pensioners’ Association)

Officers and members of the newly formed RMT London Taxi Branch send fraternal greetings to all Vestas employees and wish you success in your battle to save your jobs. “The Workers United Will Never Be Defeated.”
Stan Marut and all other Committee Colleagues

From afar I, along with many in the off-shore oil and gas industry, have watched with admiration your struggle to keep your factory open. Our struggle is for union recognition and paid annual leave. We may be at different ends of the energy industry and work hundreds of miles apart, but the struggle is the same.
I wish some of my colleges would show some of your fighting spirit, but that’s life.
John Thomson, RMT /OILC

I am writing as General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists to add my voice to those of millions of ordinary people who support the stand you have taken. Many NUJ members have been to the IoW to support and document your occupation and it is proving an inspiration to those fighting both for workers’ rights and the future of the planet. We will make our views known to the Government, employers and within the trade union movement.
Jeremy Dear, General Secretary, NUJ

Good Luck with the action and demo. All at Housmans Bookshop

We were shocked to learn of the threat to close the UK’s only wind turbine factory on 31st July with the loss of 600 jobs…
Here in the north east we know only too well the devastating effects of factory closures. Only recently thousands of steelworkers at Corus on Teeside took to the streets in defence of their jobs. We also note recent victories by groups of workers occupying their plants to save jobs and defend conditions.
We will be contacting energy minister Mr. Ed Miliband expressing our concerns and demanding a serious intervention.
Gateshead UNISON Branch Committee

London School Students Union

London School Students Union

Your determined stand against the absurd profit-driven logic of the management is an inspiration to us all. We in the London School Students’ Union fully support and extend our solidarity to you and your actions. It’s truly shameful that our government can find the billions of pounds to bail out the bank and the car industry, but will not nationalise Britain’s only wind turbine factory and save the 600 jobs that make it run. Your factory is not only important to the local community and economy, but has a vital role to play in the development of Britain’s green energy. That it could close at the whim of its unaccountable management is a disgrace! It’s great that the workers at Vestas know this and have taken matters into their own hands, showing that workers can and must make the decisions about how to shape our economy and our world.
We wish you every success in your urgent struggle., 07800 921828

Battersea and Wandsworth TUC would like to send the Vestas workers in dispute and in occupation of their factory a strong message of support and solidarity.
If the current economic climate is causing job losses and ruining the lives of ordinary men and women then let us at least hope that good can come out of the collapse of capitalism – the rise of the workers and the fight back of those ordinary men and women whose livelihoods are being destroyed by the capitalist crisis.
The Vestas dispute demonstrates that the fight back is well under way and that victories of the working class can be won if we unite and take action.

We were extremely concerned and deeply saddened to hear about Vesta’s decision to close the factory in the face of increasing opposition across the country.
As a branch that has been involved in fighting outsourcing, harassment of workers and other attacks on our members we can understand some of the frustration and anger you and your members must be feeling.
We would like to offer our support to you in your struggle and wish you well in your fight. Please find enclosed a cheque of £250 from our members to you to assist your struggle.
Yet again it falls to the collective strength of workers to help alleviate and ease any hardship you are faced with and we send you fraternal wishes and extend solidarity and moral support from all members within our Branch in the action you have been forced into taking.
– Bob Hope, Branch Chair; Gary Williams, Branch Secretary, Communication Workers Union, Solent Branch

I am writing on behalf of the PCS London & South-East Regional Committee to offer our full support in the campaign to stop the loss of 600 jobs at the Vestas wind turbine plant. – Tom Taylor

On behalf of the PCS members employed with the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs I send you our best wishes and support for the stand you are taking to protect your jobs and industry. Our thought go out to you and your families during this struggle and hope that a satisfactory solution can be found quickly.
Glenn Ford, PCS Efra Group President

Brighton branch of Unite the Union Amicus Section 7/B/0140 wish you well in your fight to secure your future Employment – Dare to Fight! Dare to Win!

Hello to the guys of the Vestas occupation,
This is just a short message of support from the members of the past University of Glasgow occupation. We want to wish you guys all the best with your protest and say that we support your struggle as our own.
Giv’em hell guys!
– Students of Glasgow Uni occupation.

Dear Vestas workers,
Having heard a report of your current struggle at our AGM, we would very much like to express our solidarity to all workers in occupation against the closure of their plant.
The strength that working people have is in their unity, and this is particularly so during a recession. We applaud your campaign and hope very much you stand firm in the face of repression, both from your bosses and the police.
The eyes of every trade unionist across the United Kingdom is focussed firmly on the Isle of Wight.
Your struggle is ours!
Sham Rajyaguru,
Campaigns Officer
on behalf of London Youth GMB

Dear All,
On behalf of the Fire Brigades Union and firefighters across the UK I send support to the workers occupying the Vestas Plant and to those outside the plant giving support to this fight for jobs. Firefighters are on the front line of dealing with the effects of climate change through floods, drought, grassland fires and the like. It makes no sense at all to scrap jobs in your industry at a time when this government and others across the world claim to be supporting a shift towards green energy production.
We note that resources could be found to support the banking system at taxpayers’ expense but that the government is completely unwilling to provide similar support to working people trying to defend their jobs. In that case the entire trade union movement should step in to give support to your struggle. Whatever we can do to support you we will do. Please keep us informed of what you need.
Best wishes
Matt Wrack
General Secretary
Fire Brigades Union


South Yorkshire Stop the BNP

South Yorkshire Stop the BNP

Hi guys,
At a meeting of South Yorkshire Stop the BNP last night comrades took a photo to demonstrate our support for vestas workers. I’ve attached the photo and below is a list of name of people there to publish alongside it.
Solidarity from South Yorkshire Stop the BNP
Name – Organisation – CommentRosie Huzzard – PCS/Workers Liberty – Solidarity with Vestas workers, nationalise green energies!
Gemma Short – Workers Liberty – Workers’ action saves the planet!
Caroline Henry – Unison/Workers Liberty
Camilla Bassi – UCU/Workers Liberty
Kay Sykes – PCS
James Downton – PCS
Tom Bishell – Branch Secretary, PCS DWP Sheffield
Kerry Dorset – PCS DWP Sheffield
John Goldstein – Stand Up, Fight Back
Harry Dixon – PCS – Green jobs for the U.K
Ian Furness – PCS – Stand firm!
Tim van Tinteren – Unison/Workers’ Liberty – Stand firm for victory!
Max Munday – Workers Liberty
Heather Shaw – Workers Liberty – Incredibly inspiring action! Good luck and stand strong!
Michael Narer – all the best!
Kate Hutchinson – Can only give my best wishes, stay strong!


I work for eco news agency Greenwire. We have been following the Vestas story over the last week on our website We are a Google news provider and have tens of thousands of hits on the website each day.
Is there a contact number for somebody involved with the campaign so that we can report the news as it happens in the protest?
Thanks in advance,

Stephen Hurrell

Staff Reporter, GreenWire News Agency


NW Unison

NW Unison

We here in Manchester and surrounds, with some of us being part of the Manchester Greenpeace group give you good people soul and financial support. The latter later but this is merely a short note to simply let you know you are known of over lands and seas.
Your efforts in preventing suspected climate change are being noted. Really, you have already won as you are doing the right thing. So hoping not to have to communicate with you much longer as your present opposition will change their minds/priorities and your jobs will be secure for all future generations.
Andrew Webster, Laura Collier, butterflies, hedghogs, seagulls, horses, deer, voles and sheep.

Our story has been publicised by A WORLD TO WIN at:

We should be seizing the opportunity to create a renewable energy revolution…The Government can make a genuine start along this road by pledging to keep the isle of Wight’s Vestas plant open for business.
– Dr Caroline Lucas, Green Party Leader and Euro-MP for the Isle of Wight and the South East.
21/07/2009 Statement in support of Vestas workers

Jean Lambert MEP said:
“If the Government stands idly by and fails to save the Vestas factory it will be abandoning its responsibilities on two counts: first, in the immediate term, allowing the loss of 600 jobs in a time of deep recession. Second, in the longer term, failing to commit to the green manufacturing and energy which are vital if we are to stand any chance of fighting the threat of climate change. This double dereliction of duties would prove that the Government’s green talk is nothing more than windy rhetoric. We can no longer afford empty promises.
“We must not forget that long before the economic crisis, we faced a global environmental crisis. Now, as we face both disasters, the Vestas factory is a real beacon of hope: a model for the way in which Britain’s manufacturing industry could be positively and sustainably rebuilt to provide proven, environmentally-sound energy sources for the future.
“I fully support the actions of the workers and urge people to lend their voices to this vital campaign to save these jobs, and save the planet too.”

To the workers at the Vestas wind turbine factory in Newport (Isle of Wight)
We fully support your struggle. Europe, Brittain and the world need more workers producing wind power plants – not less. Your struggle is ours.
Red (for the struggle) and green (for the environment) greetings from
Jan Hägglund, Ingrid Eriksson, Anna Hedlund
Members of city council i Umeå, Sweden for Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (sister party of Socialist Party in Britain)

Messages of solidarity from Queen Mary University Students. Your actions are brave, decisive and we wish you all the best of luck. You will be sucessful in your fight we are certain and the entire environmental lobby is behind you. Campaign for Climate Change have organised a demonstration to support you all at Westminster Wednesday night at 6.00pm. Thinking of you and your struggle.
All the best, in solidarity – Queen Mary, University of London students, Campaign against Climate Change

I am writing to offer you my full support in your efforts to save Vestas. We need more wind turbines, not fewer. Plus we need to defend jobs! Keep up the good work and please keep me informed about the progress of your campaign.
– Roy Wilkes, Secretary, Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group

Sending a message of maximum support to you for your brilliant, courageous and completely correct stand. Everyone in the trade union movement and environmental movement should give you maximum backing and take inspiration from what you’re doing. All the best. – Tom Davies, national executive member, National Union of Journalists

The trade unions organised in Barnet trades council (Barnet TUC) send their best wishes for your campaign to defend green jobs manufacturing wind turbine blades on the Isle of Wight. For the sake of the planet and for working class people, more than ever, your fight is our fight. – Vicki Morris, Publicity officer, Barnet Trades Union Council

We recognise that class struggle is a key element to social change and therefore support your fight to save your jobs, and to save the Vestas factory from closing. Bosses must no longer be able to dispose of workers’ livelihoods to maximize their profits! 
As with the Visteon dispute, we think that your struggle is the struggle of all vulnerable workers. The Save Vestas Campaign can inspire workers that are affected by the recession or oppressed by their management. Because we believe in a world where workers can decide for themselves how to shape a sustainable world, we stand in solidarity with your struggle and wish you the best of luck with it. Resist! Occupy!
 Social change not climate change.
Ford Visteon Workers Support Group (Enfield)

We urge you not to place your hopes in politicians or in union bureaucrats. Workers’ self-organisation and Independence of action is more powerful than any lobby. Control your struggle and Do It Yourself! Direct Action Gets The Goods.
In Solidarity – Cambridge IWW

If Vestas workers decide to fight their struggle should become a cause celebre for every trade unionist, environmentalist and progressive in Britain.
– Ben Morris, Sheffield, National Union of Teachers

A victory for Vestas workers will be a victory for all workers, and a victory for a suatainable future.
UNITE Selex-Galileo reps Committee – Raymond Morell, Convenor; Stephen Taylor, Deputy Convenor

The threat to close Vestas is appalling. Not only does it show the contempt with which the bosses treat working people, it is a major blow to our ability to build a sustainable economy. We think that Vestas shouldn’t be allowed to close and the government should be nationalising it – why should we let them bail out the banks but not our jobs? Currently, we are fighting massive cuts on public services as the government tries to make ordinary people pay for a crisis that we didn’t make. The same dynamic is at work at Vestas – that makes your fight our fight.
Manchester Trades Union Council

Together we can fight to defend jobs and help create a better world for ourselves, our children and our Colleagues.
– Malcolm Povey, University and College Union, National Executive Member

Dear friends and comrades: My name is C J Park. I am a member of All Together, a socialist organization in South Korea.
I am writing in solidarity with your struggle.
You are not alone in fighting against the bosses and the capitalist system to save jobs.
In South Korea, auto-workers at Ssangyong Motors are currently occupying the factory to save their jobs. It’s a sick comedy to hear that the company is spending about $1 million a day to hire scabs and thugs to destroy the strike which have lasted for a month now. The sense of betrayal these workers got is deathly.
Many governments all over the world spent astronomical amounts of money (people’s tax money) to save the banks and financial institutions last year. And what did banks do with the money?
The South Korean government is planning to spend a huge amount of money to dig up the rivers around the country to build canals which, many predict, will destroy the ecological system.
But the governments and bosses are refusing to spend a dime in saving people’s jobs, precious jobs like yours that contribute to the saving of the planet.
It is the time to show who is the really boss of this world and this system. That is you, the workers, fighting to protect your jobs and lives.
I will do my best to spread the news to South Korean workers so that you may have direct contact for solidarity. In the mean time, I wish you all the best and victory at the end.
– C J Park, All Together, South Korea

How ridiculous that you are facing closure when we are faced with the threat of global warming. They should be expanding production and enhancing your skills. I support your fight.
– Phil Sanderson, Unite Secretary of Refugee and Migrant Justice (personal capacity)

I was very distressed to hear about the closure of the Vestas factory in the Isle of Wight.
Off the Essex coast we have Dong Energy building the Gunfleet Sands Windfarm and they are using my home town Brightlingsea as a base, thus I have become interested in wind turbines etc.
We all were led to believe that “green jobs” were the way ahead……….So much for that idea then……..
– Chris Burrow, Secretary, Colchester Trades Union Council

We support you both as fellow workers in solidarity with your struggle and as greens and ecosocialists convinced that renewable energy must be supported if the issues around climate change and energy shortages are to be addressed seriously in Britain.
Solidarity Forever!
– East Midlands Representative Green Party Trade Union Group

There can be no doubt that renewable energy is essential to all our futures. If the government can save the banks they can and must be made to save these jobs. Market forces are not god. Full support for your campaign.
– Martin Lynch, Dudley National Union of Teachers, Joint Branch Secretary

So aware and supportive of your campaign. All the very best of luck!
– Steve Ryan, vice chair North Wales PCS Revenue branch and Wales Committee Green Campaigns organiser

Solidarity from Barnet UNISON. Best wishes – John Burgess Branch Secretary, Barnet UNISON



  1. It is strange that such a closure is planned at a time when a country like Egypt with the highest wind potential worldwide is planning on investing in wind energy farms starting 2010.

    Egypt plans to have the largest Wind Farm in the world by 2020. If factory closures like that contiune to happen our plans to invest in wind energy would be very risky due to supply of turbines.

    if the problem is in demand on turbines then please contact us.

  2. Closing down Vestas would be a ridiculous waste of an opportunity to, as Caroline says above, help create a renewable energy revolution as well as a waste of expertise/ jobs/ infrastructure….good on you for occupying the buisiness guys !!

    all the best & hope you suceed

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  4. This is one fight that must not be lost – Churchillian rhetoric springs to mind! We at the South Devon Green Party support you whole heartedly – make this a turning point in the battle against climate change!

  5. It’s crazy for Ed Miliband to announce huge investment in renewable energy, promising to push ahead with wind farms and green jobs but not put his money where his mouth is and buy out Vestas for the benefit of the country, the workers and the island community.

    I’m going to phone him up (or more likely his secretary) right now and tell him what he needs to do!

  6. I wish you guys the best of luck, it is a brave thing you are doing and against the odds. Someone has to stand up to corporate bulldozing and political spin.
    This massive investment in renewables and the closure of your plant just doesn’t add up. Is there something we should know?

  7. This factory closure will make a mockery of UK targets for renewables. UK government has an opportunity now to do what it did to the banks and can sell the factory off later to the private sector at profit. It is a sound investment as the government knows its own targets will generate the necessary future business

  8. We can’t let Nimbyism prevail.
    Climate Change is a serious issue and wind turbines are a proven technology that will help reduce our CO2 emissions.

  9. We’re getting the word out at

  10. I notice the ThWART nimbys have been substantially less vocal since the announcement of the Vestas closure.

    Funny how these people are quite happy to use electricity generated by a coal, gas or nuclear power station “blighting” someone *else’s* view, isn’t it?

    Good luck in your campaign.

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  12. To the Working Men and Women Vestas

    29th July, 2009

    Working men and women of the Vestas Factory!
    29th July should be memorable days for all of us…. the day of the court subpoena. You Wind Turbine Workers, by your solid resistance to the employer’s pressure have proved that at a difficult moment there are still people in our midst who can uphold our common interests as workers that employers have not yet succeeded in turning us into slaves.

    Stand firm and steadfast and carry on to the very end, let us remember that we can improve our conditions only by our common struggle. Do not be intimidated by the employers the state and its courts and police protectors.
    Above all, comrades, don’t fall into the trap so cunningly prepared for you by Vestas. They reason as follows:
    Come out and we won’t be so hard on you. We can return to the closure status quo with a pittance of redundancy to go home with and maybe a reference. If we keep to our previous working conditions we shall not get the profits we got previously…. And we are not ready to take anything less…. So then, we’ll have to tighten up on the workers, let them shoulder the cost of the British market. So we will have to export capital to the USA. We can’t deal with this situation on our own, we must call in the authorities to help us as they usually do. That is their job to protect private property and business rights. But now we have to be clever because these workers have stood up and occupied our premises. So we need to use divide and rule, offer a few titbits and give a few a job at the research facility. If we tackle all of them at once from now on, they will all rise up at once, and we shan’t be able to handle them. So we shall first dupe some of them and break their solidarity.
    Working people can never accept the reasoning of these kind of employers!
    These Vestas employers never gave us decent working conditions whilst production was going. They never allowed us to unionise. They sacked those that protested too much and dared to organise.
    Don’t forget, that all over the Isle of Wight it is considered enough to pay a minimum wage or thereabouts. We must force them here, to cut down their greed. They should not be able to simply up sticks and move out. In defending these demands, we are not rebelling at all; we are merely demanding that we be given what all the workers of other factories should enjoy by law, the return of what has been taken from us by those who placed all their hopes on our inability to uphold our own rights.

    Solidarity with Vestas Workers!!!

    Ryde trades Council

  13. This motion on VESTAS was passed unanimously on Saturday 25th this motion is
    fully supported by the West Midlands UNITED LEFT (of UNITE the union).

    “This meeting notes the present occupation at Vestas Blades on the Isle of Wight.
    “We congratulate these workers on their principled stand in defence of jobs and for the greener environment.
    “We note that the owners of England’s only wind turbine factories intend to transfer production to to the US and China because, they say, they have “lost faith” in the UK government’s commitment to renewable energy.
    “We support the workers’ demand that the government nationalises the plant.
    “We also note that insofar as the Vestas workforce is unionised, they are members of Unite.
    “We call upon the Unite leadership to give much greater public support to the dispute and for representatives of the leadership to visit the occupation.
    “We pledge ourselves to raise support for the occupation in all branches and committees of the union where we have a presence.
    “We will take a collection in support of the occupation.”

    In solidarity,
    Jim Denham

  14. The picture you’ve attributed to NW UNISON is in fact from the UNITE United Left north-west meeting.

  15. all the best this sort of plant is our future the goverment should take over and protect all of you

  16. Received by Ryde Trades Council:

    Fraternal Greetings from Lindsey Strike Committee.


    Please find enclosed a cheque from Lindsey Strike Committee for £500 in solidarity with Vestas’ workers who are fighting to save jobs and to retain the sole wind turbine factory in the UK.

    As the messages of supporrt rain in from Trade Unionists and members of the public – be assured – they know that your ocupation of the Vestas Factory is to protect jobs and to produce the machinery that will fight climate change.

    Your call for nationalisation will find echo amongst working class people because like the bosses ‘we know that we cannot control what we don’t own’.

    Please pass on our solidarity to all Vestas’ workers. You fight is our fight. Please keep in touch and let us know if there is anything else we can do.

    Yours fraternally

    Keith Gibson GMB – on behalf of Lindsey Strike Committee.

  17. BRIGHTON : There will be a meeting to organise further support for the campaign at

    THE COWLEY CLUB, 12 London Road, Brighton

    ON SUNDAY 2nd AUGUST 2009 AT 2pm


    (The Cowley Club is opposite Somerfields on London Road and lots of buses will take you there – e.g. 5, 26, 46,49)

  18. […] first thing that you can do is head over to and show your […]




  21. Wakefield & Pontefract Hospitals UNISON branch committee voted unaminously to support the Vestas campaign and donate £1000 to your support fund at its meeting on 16th September. We send our solidarity and join the call for the nationalisation of vestas under the control of the workers and community.

    Adrian O’Malley
    Branch Chair

  22. […] an article in The Socialist newspaper, organ of the Socialist Party. The Green Party was, in fact, fully behind the Vestas workers and was in a leading position to support them since Caroline Lucas was […]

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