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Hi everyone, here’s a poem. I couldn’t have written it without you; your stories and memories. Not sure if it’s finished or about the name. I welcome any constructive criticism, comments. Thank you for the insiration you have given to us all. Good luck with the unfair dismissal tribunals and hope you get to meet Miliband,

love and solidarity, Anne.

Let the light shine, always.

A Breath of Fire

“All fixed, fast frozen relations, with their train of ancient and venerable prejudices and opinions, are swept away, all new-formed ones become antiquated before they can ossify. All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses his real condition of life and his relations with his kind.” Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

The turbulent power of a latent force,
inexhaustible, turns a blade, pulsing
beauty sweeps the air, spun light and invisible
fire are born from the collision of hope,
science and profit, in opposition to the burning
that, unchanged and unrenewable, could spread
the parched floodfiremelt to the horizons.
This is the earth we’re talking about.

Inside the factory that moulds the blades,
despite scant time to prepare or call out,
a war is waged; for justice and jobs,
against the word can’t, in the courage
and imagination of the workers occupation.
Sleeping on the hard floors, waving from a balcony,
breathing light around the world, into time.

A man sits for hours, outside the occupied building,
hunched under an umbrella over bags of food,
while security, stony faced look on and shuffle.
Later the crowds outside the gate will call for
one hot meal for the occupiers and the management
will concede. Meanwhile a kaleidoscope of tents
springs up among floating trade union banners,
on a roundabout where time pauses and leaps.
This is what solidarity looks like.

Forget metaphors, let’s have some facts,
as this poem is specific, not an elegy.
Carbon Dioxide 387 parts per million and rising
Vestas Blades made £575 million profit in 2008
before the 600 redundancies on an island where 3000
bid for 300 vacancies, Just days before we heard,
“You have to give people green hope not green despair,”
Energy Secretary, Ed Miliband 15th July 2009.

The glow in a steel drum under a waxing moon.
A book shelve that shines with words of resistance.
Red, green, coarse hewn, care sown banners.
Scorched rubber as bikers, visors down,
circle the campsite, fists high under the sun.
A picnic in a job centre. Marching time and again.
A song, a rebel song uniting voices, playing outside
the factory gates, playing on the streets, playing on.
This is what solidarity looks like.

Picketing the back gate where blackberry bushes
sing from the earth that this is the end of summer.
Waiting for a spring tide, by the glint of the Medina.
Straddling steel poles twenty five feet high from
dawn to dusk. Clinging to moving cranes in a harbour.
Calling for the lightning that holds a ship in the dock
and turns it back from the other side.

This turbulent power of a latent force,
inexhaustible, turns history, spinning the light
of our fire, visible , born from the collision
of dreams, organisation and need, checking
the pulse of change and beauty, in opposition
to burnt potential and will renew, spread
our floodfiremelt, return eternal, no horizons.
This is the future we’re talking about.

Anne Edda Cooper

Please let sanity prevail – we can’t eat money – the planet needs some harm reversal – please support the vestas appeal xxxxx
S Howe

Keep up the fight, if we don’t fight we don’t have a chance of winning. Time for those who are silent to start speaking up. The tide is turning……and that is something the government can’t change.
Neena Beeharry

Let us all come together in this fight against job losses, all too common in the UK at the moment!!!!!
Yours in solidarity,
Jim McCartan, Branch Officer Health & Safety PCSU, Dalston JCP

I am writing in support of the current struggle to save the Vestas factory. I’ve followed this story over the summer with utter disbelief, and am delighted to hear from colleagues at the World Development Movement about the day of action in Cardiff on 17 September. I’ll get along to the demo if I can.
Dr Gideon Calder, University of Wales, Newport

When I first heard about your campaign it really warmed my heart and it gives me hope that workers in the UK are fighting for change. I am campaigner myself with the World Development Movement and I am angry at the UK government about pouring billions of pounds into banks but not doing more to build sustainable energy generation. I am supporting your actions. Also, there are hundreds of factories all around the world that have been occupied by workers and are run successfully, which goes to show that we don’t need managers and bosses. I just heard that the workers at the ceramics factory in Argentina that was occupied for 8 years have won an important legal victory. Very inspiring.
Susanne Schuster, Brighton

I was at the Plymouth meeting last night that Dave (Arbo) [Arbuthnott] came down to talk at – just the most fantastic talks – we are all in admiration of you all and totally support what you do.
Keep up the fight
In solidarity
Suzy Franklin, Unison Health Steward

All the very best to you all. As one who was involved in occupations during the miners’ strike and who occupied thier own work place for over six months in the 80’s I know how tough it can be. You have right on your side and the support of people who know you are doing this for us all. Stay strong. All the very best.
Jan Koene, Chair of the UCU Branch at Carshalton College

Brilliant work! Stay strong! The government should absolutely be nationalising Vestas and why don’t you all manage it yourselves and never have to put up with the kind of appalling treatment you have had to, ever again? Solidarity!
Maggie Bremner, Regional Organiser NASUWT

As a graduate in renewable energy who can’t find work in the sector I know that as well as your jobs being important to you and your families they are also so important not just for the UK but for the future of the planet. Stay strong,

You are inspiration to us all. It is so easy to sit in meetings and discuss theories for change, you are changing society. Well done & good luck today. Please don’t get injuries in the struggle.
Margot Lindsay

I hope you get what you want and keep your jobs. Too many capitalist companies out there, who do not care about families and the devestation that being made redundant causes. My thoughts are with you at this trying time, and hope common sense prevails. Unity and solidarity always brothers.
Doug Oxer, RMT

Just a quick message of support from Adam Fisher and Orly Razgour to the brave workers occupying Vestas, and all the protesters and union organisers supporting them there.
We are currently carrying out conservation work in the south Devon area, and are not able to physically be there with the workers, but today we are going to do us much e.mail activism as possible, in solidarity with all at Vestas.
next stop, is an e.mail to Ed Milliband to let him know just how hypocritical it would be of an environment minister promising so much to deliver so little and to fail the workers of vestas and beyond.
Adam n Orly xxx

Your campaign and occupation of your plant has been such an inspiration to so many people and has foregrounded issues that are crucially important. Whatever happens, you have already won a great victory. Our hearts at Ruskin go out to you for what you have done.
Dr Philip Walden, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Ruskin College, Oxford, and member of Democratic Socialist Alliance

I am an ex coal miner and fought for my job for 12 months 84/85. We occupied Coal Board premises and barricaded ourselves in also. The police tried the same ‘starving’ tactic!! Our families threw food in to us in footballs and tennis balls!! I believe in your cause and support your battle. Miliband and our disgusting government state one thing on one hand, and allow the fascist law enforcers to employ draconian tactics on the other. Dont give in!! This country looks after fascists and the corporate capitalists, unfortunately, since the scandalous thatcher years, there has been no let up only acceleration. Good luck
“Flowers of Manc”

Talk about green shoots, here’s a real one so come on Ed get this plant nationalised and put your green credentials where your mouth is. Power to you all. Up the revolution!
Jacqui Burke, daughter of an ex-miner

Thanks for fighting back, our kids need to see that it’s possible to stand up to the bosses, you’re an inspiration.
Julie Donovan

I am a researcher into the global market in wind turbines at Edinburgh University and I’m supporting the protest. Britain has much to gain from this industry and the government need to put their money where *our* values lie; renewables, green technology and innovation. Keep going guys!
Corra Boushel, University of Edinburgh

I so admire your strength, honour, humour and humanity. I wish you a successful outcome and thank you for the glorious sight of such human unity that has come about since you started this protest. “We, the people” are looking good through you 🙂

Two thousand years ago, a Roman Senator suggested that all slaves wear white armbands to better identify them. “No,” said a wiser Senator. “If they see how many of them there are, they may revolt.”

Tina Louise x

good luck to you all stick out you have nothing to lose
it has been lost but you can win if the Goverment back you up to save your jobs go fight
few of us from Visteon are planning to come over to show our support
we won but yes its hard work sleeping on the floor i myself nearly sixty
can do so can you young ones
see you all soon
linda bartle ex visteon

I’m so so pleased you’re doing this! I was really upset and angry when I heard about Vestas closing, but felt so powerless to do anything about it – I’m so glad that you didn’t feel the same! Well done! You’re an inspiration! Thankyou!
Tim Halpin (Slightly less miserable recent graduate in Tamworth)

It’s heartening to hear the news of your occupation; well done! This is a great step forward in the fight to save your jobs and our environment.
Frank Ormston, Railworker and TSSA member, York

On behalf of my soon-to-be born daughter, I wish you all at Vestas the absolute best of luck in finding a way to survive the current crisis! Personally I think you should get Fred Goodwin’s pension!
Adam Hardy & family

Bravo to you. Many people are behind you and I am one of them
Arthur Smith (low grade comic)

If we can bail out banks driven to bankruptcy by greed and hubris, we can guarantee jobs in clean industries, and support communities. Anyone who supports the fight against climate change and for social justice should give the Vestas workers their full support. Best of luck!
Steve Lowe and Alan McArthur, authors of Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit?

I have only just learnt through my UCU contacts that the Newport plant is under threat.
I am the nephew of Trevor Phillips, sadly no longer with us, who I believe your members may recall from the start of the Newport plant. I feel that this is something that would totally appal him.
As a member of the trade union movement (UCU) here at the University of Leeds who are also fighting swinging job cuts; also working for environmental issues within TUs may I send you my support and hopes for your endeavours.
Nigel Bubb BSc PhD, Member UCU committee, Leeds Association

Writing as a supporter of you’re exemplary action I can only suggest you tell others under impending threat and trade unionists in general, ‘admire us less and take hold of you’re own workplaces more’. It is only in this way we can build on strength in solidarity.
Ray Rising

Congratulations to the Vestas workers. You deserve the support not only of all trades unionists but all who care for the environment. There could not be a clearer case for a publicly owned and democratically controlled industry. You are leading the way. Best wishes and solidarity,
Ken Loach

It is a scandal that your factory is threatened with closure at a time when wind turbines are needed more than ever.
Dave Packer

Dear Mr Miliband,
I wanted to email you to urge that strong action is needed to save the Vestas plant. The most recent issue of New Scientist, summarising the latest research on rising water levels was chilling, so the idea of letting the UKs only wind turbine plant fall apart because of the whims of the market, seems insane at the least.
Can I also suggest a possible solution; that the government should offer to put money into the enterprise, with the aim of the creation of a co-op there, and for each £1 the government puts in, you ask the workers, and the public (like me) to also invest £1 in the plant. The idea of raising capital for co-op enterprise has worked excellently for the Fenland Power Co-op ( where the subscription to invest it in was oversubscribed. It also gets people to put into the idea thus seeing it as a positive that we can act on, rather than a negative – but it needs the government to start the ball rolling. There is more on these ideas of peer-finance here;
Thanks for your time,
– Tomas Rawlings

To All the Brave Workers at Vestas,
Congratulations on your principled stand. It is madness, when we are all worried about non-renewable resources and global warming , that a factory in this country, staffed with skilled and dedicated workers & producing eco-friendly equipment is threatened with closure.
I am proud that fellow trade unionists (many of whom are RMT brothers) are prepared to stand up to this idiocy and I wish you every success.
Dave Rowland

Ed Miliband: We are unlikely to be a centre for onshore wind
production, if up and down the country, and indeed on the Isle of Wight, onshore wind applications are consistently turned down. So we have to win a political argument that environmentally and industrially, onshore wind is part of the solution. Vestas are keeping a protoype plant and we are considering an application from them for government help to test and develop offshore wind-blades in a factory employing 150 people on the Isle of Wight initially and potentially more later.

Independent 25th July 2009

Dear People,
Please save your plant! Do what you must. I felt like adding for England! But it sounds a bit St Crispins Day. But it is for us for England.
We have been trying to get a windmill for 5 years on our property near Exmoor. Even prepared to pay 25K for the privilege! It’s a bit like trying to swallow a whale. The obstructions and impossibilities are endless. We need you to stay put and make those windmills!
Nothing could make me happier than to know you have saved your plant. (and the planet) What else can I do? Stay strong!
Dr Eva Chapman

Dear Ed,
I write to you with regards to the proposed closure of the Vestas Wind Systems factory in Newport on the Isle of Wight. I will not claim to be an expert on Climate Change and neither will I claim to be an expert on Wind Turbines. However, I grew up on the Isle of Wight and I still have family and friends there, and I know that good jobs have always been in short supply on the Island. It seems that those working in the Vestas factory are skilled workers in a specialised industry which happens to be very important if we hope to achieve the very ambitious cuts in carbon emissions which the government have promised and which, more importantly, are required to curb climate change.

I understand that climate change may be on the backburner given the tough economic times, and I have read with interest your article on the Guardian website, but given the government’s pledges to create thousands of green jobs I don’t see how it makes sense to let this factory close. Surely it makes more economic sense to keep existing jobs rather than having to create ‘brand new’ jobs from scratch? As I have stated, the Isle of Wight already suffers from a lack of jobs, with many being seasonal in the tourist industry which is also surely suffering during the recession, so the loss of further permanent jobs is going to hit the local economy and the businesses suppliers very hard. I may also be missing something in terms of wind turbines, but I’m not sure why the plants wind-turbines are unsuitable for Britain. You say they are different-sized but surely they can be adapted? In fact, surely the wind doesn’t mind what size the turbines are? They may be ‘non-standard’ for the UK, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use the other ‘non-UK-standard’ parts to create working wind turbines… It’s not like the wind in the UK is somehow incompatible with these different sized turbines.

Disregarding this completely, your reasoning for closing the plant is that Vestas could not get sufficient orders even if the factory were to convert to the UK standard. Apparently subsidies aren’t the problem, but volume of orders. Well then why don’t the government order some wind turbines rather than attempting to subsidise others? You talk of the need to ‘rally round’ our wind turbine industry, but unfortunately most members of the general public don’t have the money to buy industrial sized wind turbines.

The argument regarding planning permission is all very well and good, but we’ve all seen that when the government want something to go ahead, be it a new runway for an airport, a huge new shopping mall or an Olympic stadium that forces small businesses to close and residents to move, it gets the go-ahead. Don’t pretend that the government doesn’t ride roughshod over residents’ legitimate concerns when it wants to. Please note, I am not saying this is a good thing, I am merely pointing out the fallacy that planning permission is out of the governments hands and that you can’t or won’t ignore residents when it suits you. It’s clear where the priorities lay when coal power stations and new runways are pushed through despite massive public opposition but politicians bemoan local residents for refusing to let them put wind turbines up.

I would also like to voice my disgust at the police blockading the site that workers are occupying and refusing to let people in to deliver them food and supplies. This is yet another example of the police at best being heavy-handed in regards to a peaceful protest and at worst abusing their powers. It should be noted that this peaceful protest has been surrounded and blocked off by police in riot gear who have threatened protesters and those supporting them with legally tenuous charges, and who have attempted to force entry into private property without any injunction.

I thank you for reading and I very much hope you will take these opinions into consideration,
Andrew Sibley

support from Oxford

support from Oxford

just want to let all of you in there know that you are a MASSIVE inspiration for so many people – in your defiance, in your resistance of state authority, in highlighting the gaping holes in our economic system, in your work on climate change. thank you thank you, and best of luck

from the north-west

from the north-west



Katherine Anteney

Katherine Anteney

Published letter in the ARGUS:
Dave Jones
Springfield Road, Brighton

As a concerned citizen, with strong connections to the Isle of Wight, I am writing to complain at police actions since the workers at Vesta began their protest. Acting, apparently without injunction, local constabulary have:
a) repeatedly tried to break into the office where the workers have barricaded themselves,
b) threatened workers with arrest for aggravated trespass, despite the fact that no damage has been done to the property, and
c) forcibly removed people from private property.
The officer involved in the latter action was number 3606. The officer who appears to be in charge is 3115.
It appears that, rather than behaving in a neutral manner, local police are colluding with management to starve the occupation out. I trust you will be investigating these matters with the officers involved, and look forward to hearing your reaction as a matter of urgency.
– Mark Cassidy

Lewisham Green for Vestas!

Now those NIMBYs (not in my back yardies) who think wind turbines are an eyesore, will vote Labour. Gordon’s first bit of good news this year.
– Geoff Lange

KEEP ON GOING! I’m willing you on! Just don’t turn to eating each other. Thinking of you 😀
– Red Fred

Last summer on a walking holiday in the Isle of Wight, we walked past this company and saw the turbine blades ready for loading – it was great! We were so pleased to see this business and to see the blades being produced. This form of energy production is not invested in enough and it’s so important.
In my work in Christian Aid we see the effects of climate change on the poorest people’s in the world – people who’ve done little to cause the problem and who are suffering disproportionately. They desperately need us to reduce our carbon emissions by at least 80% by 2050, with milestones for reduction starting now. Wind energy is one way of doing this.
And as a recent report indicates, wind energy can help us to reduce emissions:
Britain ready for huge increase in wind power as new report scuppers anti-wind arguments
Britain’s energy system is already capable of taking a large amount of wind power, according to a new report released today by a leading energy expert. The report shows that there is no technical reason why a significant amount of energy generated by wind cannot be used to supply the National Grid. Report author David Milborrow, an energy expert with 30 years experience in the field, said:” Utilities worldwide generally agree there is no fundamental technical reason why high proportions of wind cannot be assimilated without the lights going out.” (OneWorld)
All power to the workers at Vesta: how can we support you?
– Lindsey Pearson, Yorkshire Unit Manager, Christian Aid

Solidarity with your struggle for the right to work and construct renewable energy capture machinery. Your struggle epitomises the ruthlessness of the capitalist system not only on our livelihoods but also on our environment. The workers united will never be defeated!
– Chris Marks, Vice-President Education, Hull University Union (pc)

We need Wind energy, wind power, using natural resources has to be the way forward to save our planet. We totally fully support wind tubine power for our Island.
Julie & Hugh Whitehead

It is sickening that the planetary crisis is being exploited by the very corporations that always have exploited the planet and its inhabitants, squeezing out the genuine people who are working for the good of the planet not to line their pockets. In solidarity.
Julienne Ford

I offer my support and solidarity to stop the closure of yet another resource being taregetted for closure.
The planet is all of our responsibility, it is high time that this tory esk government created laws, that are of use to us the people to help protect our planet and those that persist in global destruction are brought to justice. We know who they are and so do they.
Peter Chadwick

It’s outrageous that after spending £trillions bailing out the greedy bankers and sending our troops to fight unwinnable and unjustified wars, the New Labour government is not rushing in to rescue your 600 jobs and the vital technology you are producing. It makes no sense for Britain to consider importing this technology from elsewhere at greater economic, environmental and social costs whilst sacrificing your skills and expertise and Britain’s potential to be at the forefront of this globally important green energy technology just when we need it most urgently. In solidarity.
Stephanie Prior

I wish you personally, and from many friends and family, huge support. Your jobs are of value to your community, our country and our future on this planet. The Government’s short sighted policies are nothing short of criminal and it seems horrific that at times of such hardship, tax payers money is being used to try to stop workers defending their livelihoods and fighting for the future sustainability of our planet. There are many people who believe in your fight and are trying to support you. Your success at this time is of course vital to you all personally but it is also of great importance to our country’s future.
Jane Ambrose (NUT)

Good luck you determined people. You inspire me and others to think about the bigger picture and believe in our power to do something, which should be the norm in a democratic society, but appears to not be what our ‘democratic’ government wants. Keep going.

Naomie Tapsell






  1. This is ridiculous, even the ruling class need clean air. Good luck with the struggle, we’re all behind you!

    Solidarity, Peace & Freedom

  2. Good luck in your occupation!
    Solidarity from Newport (Gwent)

  3. The proposed closure of Vestas is a political scandal. Ed Miliband has just promised us 40,000 green jobs. We now have a Climate Change Bill, which legally binds us to an 80% carbon reduction by 2050. The Carbon white paper this week further committed us to decarbonising our economy.

    600 workers at the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight lost their jobs last month. The firm was making big profits but decided to move to the USA, leaving many families on the Isle stranded, or forcing them to plan a move. The closure was officially planned for (next) Monday 27th July.

    If you are reading this, you belong to the generation in between the one that didn’t know enough to act, and the one for whom it was too late.

    If you are reading this and your bank balance has hardly noticed that a recession’s going on, then you probably belong to the group of people who will suffer the effects of climate change least and last.

    Climate change is a class issue. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide already die from the climate effects of the cumulative emissions of developed countries ever since the Industrial Revolution. Those people are not people in suits. Democratic control of our means of energy production is our claim to social justice.

  4. is a fair fight….and they got the money
    keep on and spread the word out

    my support & solidarity

  5. The UK must have its own manufacturing facilities for RE. Wind Power is an essential part of the energy mix and is the most advanced RE technology we have. This proposed closure is the result of lobbying by ‘Middle England’ that opposes wind power at every turn.
    Nuclear being their prefered option because it will not be built anywhere near them!

  6. If they can do this for an aluminium plant

    why can’t they do it here?
    The plant uses subsidised electricity from the local nuclear power station at Wylfa.Both use eachother to justify there existance.

    • Dave,

      You ansered your own question. You uttered the magic words. Nuclear Power Station; the known cure in governments eyes for all economic ills, and a major source of preceived vast profits and a way of keeping the population under control. By ensuring they are dependent on a centralised electricity system.

  7. Yes I know,I should’ve said ‘their’.

  8. Solidarity forever!

    This is fantastic news. We can’t wait until making wind turbines becomes profitable for private capital. If they aren’t interested in anything but their own wealth – and they aren’t – then kick ’em out and run it yourselves!

    The government must be made to support this very necessary action.

  9. Solidarity, and every Best Wish for your campaign, from Ireland.More Power to You, and cleaner power for this beleagured planet, Charlie.

  10. Power to the People!

  11. Good luck with your campaign. I have written to Ed Miliband and written a letter to the Guardian responding to today’s article.
    I will also put a link from my blog which is read by many in the book and library world.

  12. The closure of the factory is wrong on so many levels. A promise of green jobs, broken. A failure to address the realities of halting climate change. A riduculous idea to close a factory with orders coming in
    I wish I could be there to support you in occupying the factory- Good Luck, hope you manage to take over it for good.
    Clare T

  13. From comrades in the Woodcraft Folk and also from Bradford Students good luck our thoughts are with you.


    Lloyd Russell-Moyle (pc)
    Vice President University of Bradford Union (Socs Fed)
    General Council of Woodcraft Folk

  14. Keep up the occupation! Best wishes in your fight to save your jobs and our future!!

    In solidarity,

    London South Bank University People & Planet Society

  15. Good luck in your fight against this hypocritical labour government I have put information regarding your struggle on our web site which is the voice of the engineering construction industry if there is anything we can do to help just ask.

  16. On behalf of Hull Socialist Party members we send you our solidarity and support in your struggle to save the wind turbine factory that produces the machinery that will deliver clean renewable energy for all workers and their families – we fully support your demand for nationalisation of your industry – however, we believe once nationalised the factory / factories should be run by you the workers themselves – nationalisation under democratic workers control and management will ensure that your industry is run for human need and not for profits of the few.

  17. Keep going.


  18. You are an inspiration. I hope that you can hang on in the face of police intimidation. You are not alone. In solidarity.

  19. we NEED clean energy.

  20. Can we send you all our unanimous support from Lindsey oil Refinery shop stewards committee, we are fully behind you in your struggle and appreciate the absurd situation the Labour Government have put you in.

    On the one hand they promote renewable energy.

    And on the other hand they let the work go overseas.

    Funny how good old Gordon didn’t take this stance with banks.

  21. It is absurd to be closing this factory at a time when the practical benefits of wind energy are well proven, we need RE like never before and the government has made dramatic commitments to clean energy and energy security. The UK has the best wind resource in Europe, the world is installing turbines as fast as it can and our factory workers deserve a piece of the action.
    Keep up the struggle – there’s lots of us more fortunate than you who are right behind you.

  22. To all of you, keep up the fight and put the wind up them

    The Labour party and the employer

    Good Luck from DEREK

  23. As someone who was at the Tolpuddle festival last week and signed your petition good luck in your occupying the factory. There is no logic in the lack of government support for you (if its down to money amazing how they find it for banks and the wars!). If Labour claim to be ‘green’ then you should get their full backing. It would be interesting if someone brings the issue up in the current Norwich bye-election!
    George of Bolton

  24. Well done. Keep it up. Good to see some prepared to take action for justice. We are right behind you.

  25. Well done to those brave people willing to make a stand for their livelihoods. Keep up the occupation however long it may take, my thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope and pray you can secure a better outcome than we did in Waterford.
    (Ex Waterford Crystal Worker)

  26. Have sent messages tonight to Ed Milliband & the Police Authority. Will post story & links on my Facebook page so that Radiography students at Portsmauth will be aware.

    The best of luck in your struggle.
    In solidarity, Mark Cassidy

  27. My thoughts and support to you all in your gallant fight. Respect you all.

  28. Good luck and solidarity to each and every one of you engaged in your 3rd night of a peaceful workplace occupation. Whether to save jobs, wind turbine production or better redundancy, your cause is right and your actions are an inspiration.

    We need a world of quality jobs and renewable energies; not one organised for private profit, and where public money is abused for bank bonuses, war and MPs on expenses.

    With skilled workers, an affordable upgrade, full order book, export market, profitable track record and a government commitment to 30% renewble energy by 2020 there is no good reason not to nationalise the plants, save jobs and reinvest into the renewable industry and local economy. The company can go its own way.

    It’s a disgrace that the police have tried to force entry (whilst publically reporting they will not use force unless laws are broken). The company attempts to stop food and threaten the sack are reprehensible. We will keep a spotlight on the situation, and build the call for government action.

    For a right to work and decent green jobs for all of you.

  29. Stay in there, we’re all with you in spirit
    Stella, Altrincham

  30. In virtual solidarity

    Cllr Paul Cotterill
    West Lancashire

  31. Keep it up! You’re taking a brave stand and there are many in support of you all around the country. I wrote to Ed Miliband last week urging him to see sense and support Vestas. It’s shocking at the same time as the big ‘green jobs’ announcement last week – what are they thinking?!
    Hannah, Bristol

  32. to
    date Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 1:02 PM
    subject Vestas Isle of Wight

    Dear Mr. Milliband

    Go to the factory. Put your job on the line and make a statement. This is the moment you have waited all your life for…the single point when you can make a big difference.
    Please do it. Do it now.

    Simon Masters
    01984 624257

  33. Solidarity, pride and support!

    People all over the country (and beyond) are follwing your struggle and willing you success.

    Keep going!

  34. Good luck lads and ladies. Don’t let the bastards win.

  35. Stand up for something Mr Brown. Now. Believe in a future for your children and your children’s children.

    Take action. No more words. Save this plant today.

    When planning rules change and more of these beautiful turbines are built – providing us with sustainable, clean fuel, we’ll need this company and I for one hope it will generate more jobs, not less.

    Scott Ainslie
    Sustainable Streatham

  36. The brothers and sisters of RMT Glasgow 1&2 branch offer you our solidarity and support in this very important struggle.

  37. I work in the construction industry, have been unemployed for the past 6 months and sympathise with your situation. As harsh as it sounds Vestas, as a foreign private company, is not obliged to keep operating here if the majority of orders are from offshore markets, which as a sustainability professional, I must give consideration to the carbon cost of shipping these orders.

    This country is more or less bankrupt with borrowing at its highest level in it’s history and a great part of the construction industry unable to raise funding for projects including RE, I can’t see where the give is going to come from…

    However, a great place to start is to divert those big phat bonuses being ‘stolen’ by reckless bailed out bankers to a ‘management/workers’ buyout of the Vestas UK operation along with a guaranteed cost plus 5 year order book from the government…Mr Milliband…

  38. Congratulations to the Vesta workers on their occupation of the plant. I support your courageous action. New Labour’s “green” polices are a joke.

  39. To the workers at Vesta,

    May the power of Spirit fill your sails and carry you and the planet to sustainability. Courage to each worker. Strength to the family and friends who support you. Compassion to the people and systems that have yet to understand the need to work together to create a new future.

    Mono in the U.S.

  40. You are an example to workers around the world, I am so pleased, and relieved, to see that you have the support of my own union ( POA ).
    If the Govt do not do the decent thing, then consider running it yourselves, a workers co-operative, I too as others have offered would be more than willing to support such a venture. Good luck and remember the people are behind you.

  41. Solidarity from Leeds group of the Anarchist Federation.

    It’s inspiring to see so many workers in so many industries doing it themselves over the last few months.

    Strike. Occupy. Take control!

  42. Comradely greetings from Jane Ennis (Green Left) and Tobias Abse (Alliance for Green Socialism). You are doing this not only to save jobs in the short term but to save the planet in the long term, and we wish you every success.

  43. If the government can’t find a way to support this type of industry there is no hope at all for the future of manufacturing in the UK. That may not matter much to those who work in the public sector or finance or banking where huge amounts of our taxes are spent but it is economically illiterate not to have a long term plan to develop our manufacturing industry.

  44. The Big Green Gathering festival is cancelled.

    Which means we can get to the Isle of Wight in time for the Vesta court case.

    If you have any friends who had planned to go to the Big Green, text them now and explain the gathering’s on, but now it’s in Newport.

    VESTIVAL! It’s gonna rock


  45. Good work friends! You have done yourselves proud… Lets hope Millibrand and Brown take heed!

    New York City

  46. The action taken by Vestas begs belief. There is a great future for wind power in this country as well as for the rest of the world. It makes no sense to close down a profitable operation, and what makes it even more disgusting is that the operation will actually moved to another country. Our failed Labour Government should nationalize this assert, but instead they plan to hand over more money to Vestas.

    Labour have failed this country.

  47. This is a very important stand against the type of short sighted and intransigent management style that’s unfortunately spreading across the country like swine-flu.
    It’s certainly all the more important given the nature of your business – if you were bankers the government would be falling over themselves to help.
    You deserve the very best of luck and success and I hope you get it.

  48. We were on holiday on the Island the last two weeks and followed your story on the local news. Don’t give up !

    Yours in solidarity Jo Lea, Richard Trengrouse, Nick, Robbie and Isabelle Lea-Trengrouse, Frank Lea, Kar-ren Cousins and Louise King

    drom Birmingham and Solihull

  49. Solidarity from the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

    Once the UK lead the way with wind turbine technology. Today we are to short sighted to support people who simply want skilled jobs building a better future. Here on Skye we are importing turbines rather than supporting industry in the UK.

    We must stick together; fight for the right to work and stand up for common sense.

    Good luck.

  50. Sorry sincere apologies I have been asleep at the wheel here – been away for a while and then off studying.

    I have a small organic t-shirt business and the best sellers we have are our men’s and womens turbine t-shirts.

    Tell us what you would like us to do we can donate some t-shirts or if someone has the technical nouse to help, we can organise an auction and donate the proceeds to the fund.

    This is just about the most bonkers / unjoined up thinking I have seen in years.


  51. you lads and lasses keep at it, the share price is being hit and now the government have given them £6M to aid the redundancies, shame on milliband and new labour…State sponsored redundancies !

    a delegation is coming over from Brighton & Hove today…solidarity for ever

    Garry Hassell
    branch secretary
    Brighton & Hove R.M.T.

  52. I have always supported environmental policies anywhere everywhere but the decision-making imperialist powers have no shame in closing down projects that save the earth and go and invade other countries for products they can grab. The good example is their Invasion of Iraq for fossil oil, no matter, how many innocent lives they slaughtered! My total support is for all of you. Keep your jobs and resist!


  53. You are setting an example for workers rights. If the government is serious about keeping jobs and promoting renewable energy then they have no choice but to nationalize the plant. Don’t give up and victory will be yours!

    Ricardo Coelho
    Porto, Portugal

  54. Just wanted to say, as a former Islander, I’m so proud of what you’re doing.
    Lots of people are thinking/ writing/ talking about you so keep going!
    Good luck.

  55. Just to say 100% behind you guys, your raising an issue and hitting them where it hurts.

    With enough people the government will have to listen.

  56. I cannot understand that given our Country’s commitment to green alternative methods of power why the company wants to close down and essential service. My thoughts are with those who are fighting a magnificent cause and I wish you all the best and I will be raising the issue of support with my own Trade Union Branch of Unison.

    Yours fraternally

    Helen Styles

  57. A truly disgusting and cynical decision by Vestas – if they tried to pull this sort of stunt in Denmark, it would cost them much more. As for the UK government throwing money in their direction, why? Its a very profitable company, besides that, the bribe probably isn’t big enough for the greedy company! My whole-hearted support to the employees and protesters alike. In protest, Danish products are now on my ‘banned list’.

  58. yet again international capital rips the heart out of comunities for %points in the profit margin.

    You should have needed to occupy your workplace the government should imediatly sieze their assets.

    Your fight is our fight stay strong commrades

    in solidarity

    rikki reid

  59. This is very inspiring, I whish staff at my place of work would take action agaisnt worsening of conditions at work, shortages of staff and so on. Best whishes and I’m wondering how it is that this country is not investing on green power? I cannot believe it, what is the government doing about it? This is a disgrace taking on cosideration the evidence there exists for rising sea levels and so on.

  60. Dont let the batards grind you down!

  61. I came over for the court case last Wednesday and was impressed with the show of solidarity and the resolve being shown by the Vestas workers. Cant make it over this week so just wanted to wish you all the best with the campaign. Unity is strength!

  62. On behalf of the successfuly occupied factories of my country (Argentina) recieve all our support and solidarity. Please RESIST, it works!

  63. Dont give in to bailiffs. They are just filth that are always just failed coppers that wernt good enough to become traffic wardens.

    Bailiffs are the lowest form of life ever!

  64. Stay true to yourselves and stay united.
    This is an absolute disgrace that this green technology is to be closed down.
    Dont let them run you out of the factory.
    Call upon the trades unions to support you and call on the TUC to support your cause with actions and not just words.
    Get those lazy good for nothings in the Labour Party to act and act now in protcting your jobs!
    Good luck stand up for your rights!

  65. To the occupying Vesta workers

    Keep up the struggle, factory occupations are the way forward, for workers everywhere, win or lose you are challenging the core fundamental of capitalism over the workers right to control the means of production.

    As Rossana Vanni previously said workers occupations in Argentina have been successful, see the film ‘The Take’ by Naomi Klein & Avi Lewis.

    Ya Basta, No turning back

    In Peace and Solidarity
    Nigel Rolland

  66. In 1994 as a Production Manager for Taylor Woodrow’s Wind Energy Group (WEG), I set up a prototyping wind turbine blade factory in Southampton with 6 other staff. Our successful wood epoxy technology grew and grew the business until shortly after I left WEG, the company that is now Vestas Wind Systems bought the business and moved it to the Isle of Wight creating the highly successful plant that it has now decided to close.

    I am devastated that the small acorn I and 6 others planted in 1994 that grew into such a mighty oak on the Island has now been so brutally felled. Your protest has caught the spirit of the country and although you are no longer there, the sacrifices you made will have a lasting legacy. Indeed, in sprit at least, the boys on the balcony are still standing strong .

    All the very best..




  68. I would like you to know we Greens in Cardiff support you and will attend todays day of action meeting in Cardiff on Queen Street at 5 when Jake leader of the Green Party in Wales will speak.

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