Posted by: vickim57 | 4 August 2009

What are you doing about Vestas? Follow Ed Miliband on Twitter on his environmental trip to Brazil!

Ed Miliband is on Twitter. Follow him to the ends of the earth – well, Brazil – and ask him what he is doing… about Vestas.



  1. I send my whole hearted support to the protesters at Vesta not only as a born Islander who’s family had no option but to leave the island to get employment on the mainland, but also as a committed enviromentalist. How is the British Govt justifying their Climate Change Policy and then not supporting the only wind turbine manufacturer in the UK, but they bail out the likes of Northern Rock and other banking institutions which have hade a huge impact on the global economy, and they are still raking in huge bonuses etc. The British Govt needs to pin it’s colours to the mast and support the Vesta protesters

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