Posted by: vickim57 | 13 August 2009

Vestas in-house mag: ‘redundancies hurt, but we must always do what is best for Vestas’

Bruce says: see Vestas’ inhouse mag,, especially page 3 for Ditlev Engel, the CEO’s message talking about reasons for redundancies. Includes intention to negotiate with unions! Bit late for that!

All in all elements that have hit the demand in the North European countries harder than expected – leading to an unavoidable negative impact on our production business units especially in Denmark, just as the blades plant on Isle of Wight, UK is affected in high scale.

This means that we now start consultations and negotiations with labour unions representing the affected employees in Denmark and UK. The aim is to reduce the number of employees in Denmark and the UK by approximately 1,900.

No one should doubt that I am really sorry that we have to take such drastic steps as to negotiations with the aim of laying off colleagues – and in such big numbers. I know that everyone really have worked very hard and made great efforts. A fact that naturally makes layoffs seem unbearable and incomprehensible. I am the first one to acknowledge this.

It hurts, but we must always do what is best for Vestas and no matter where we are in Vestas, we always need to relate to this in an objective way. Fortunately, there is light ahead of us.

Less than one week ago the British government stated, with the Minister for Energy and Environment Ed Miliband in front, that the environment challenges now will be given greater priority to a level never seen before and I have to my great satisfaction noted that especially the modern energy is placed very first on the list of the Brits.

I find every reason to value this fact. The initiative promises well and therefore I sincerely hope that the Brits’ budget leads to specific orders in the months to come.


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