Posted by: VM | 4 August 2009


The owners of the factory have won a possession order to remove the workers from the Newport occupation.

Vestas Wind Systems took legal action to end the boys on the balcony’s occupation and got their repossession order this morning.

Judge Graham White said he was satisfied that legal papers had been served on the 11 workers named.

Bob Crow, who was in court for the hearing, says the RMT would continue with its campaign to save the jobs. “The court has made its decision but we will continue with our campaign and the right to work on green energy jobs.”

Bob attacked both the company and the Government and said ministers had been “despicable” in not even meeting the workers or the union to discuss the possibility of other work going to the factory.

With five people now on the Cowes factory, the campaign continues. We will not be defeated so soon, comrades.



  1. I am impressed and humbled by the continuing dedication of the Vestas workers and supporters to the struggle for a sane and healthy world for all of us. I just read that police have entered the Thomas Cook offices in Dublin and arrested the workers there who had been occupying the premises to save their jobs and had continually expressed solidarity with the Vestas workers ( It will take brave actions on the part of large numbers of workers and supporters to keep the Vestas occupation in place and effective.

  2. The Courts act on behalf of the employers –
    So what happens now?

    It is not surprising that the court agreed to the eviction order today, after all the state is the instrument of class rule. It is the constitutional right of private property to be protected by law. There is nothing in law that protects the right of labour in these circumstances, in fact the only time ever that there was a constitution that stated the opposite was in the 1936 constitution of the U.S.S.R.

    The bailiffs are standing by ready to go in now. The courts have played their part, the government is saying nothing and the police have said they will act as mediators and not get involved but just ensure that there is “Fair Play”. Oh yes, we can believe that too can’t we?
    Only last week one of the heroes of the occupation, Luke, had to come out because the company would not allow him food. This young man was delirious because his blood sugars were low. He was there from the start, like his work mates, the pride and best of our Isle of Wight Youth and indeed the community is proud of him and the stand of all Vestas workers.
    Conservatives Andrew Turner and Pugh have kept their traps shut so far. They want it all to go away.
    The Vestas workers have stood up for the dignity of labour and the right of Isle of Wight people to decide its future. They have stood up to restrict the Monopoly rights of companies that take more from the island than they have ever put into it. They have fought to demand that instead of paying the rich, like the banks and handouts to monopolies for their own good, there should be investment in new public social programmes where renewable low carbon technology becomes a public asset. This is the reality of life and not the rhetoric of Ed Miliband and his New Labour Government.
    The powers that be all would like it to fizzle away, but this is only the start on the Isle of Wight. It is not over yet! This occupation has already shaken the status quo. Actions like these tend to leave an indelible mark and the repercussions are great. These workers have become political within a matter of weeks. So where does it go from here? Do they leave or do they stay? Do they join in the discussions to decide the future of wind turbine production where workers have the main say in the process of production? Do these eloquent young men become our future young politicians? Do they become disseminators of all of the issues that affect the future of the climate and indeed writers and disseminators of all the issues affecting the Isle of Wight? Do they join the meetings of the Trades Councils as the new blood to take them forward?

    We look forward to their input as we look forward to all the supporters of the occupation to see this as only a beginning in the ongoing struggle to ascertain future production of wind turbine blades and even more on the island.

    Ryde Trades Council

  3. Well done to all YOU stick it out, never mind the court, you are doing well, have been following your story since it started, I know what it is like, I have been in this type of problem, I have also sent a e-mail to Millband and the government
    All the best

  4. Found this on the internet, very interesting!:

    RMT has seized on financial press reports at the weekend that Centrica are due to announce plans for a £1 billion wind farm off Skegness, which will be supplied with turbines from Germany, as “blowing apart the totally bogus argument that Vestas on the Isle of Wight is being closed due to a lack of demand for wind turbines in the UK.”

  5. Vestas has been granted a possession order today but it appears did not get or ask for(?) the warrant of execution that has to go with it in order for the bailiffs to remove the protesters.

    Sort of being told they can open the front door but forgetting to ask for the key……I guess

  6. […] The protesters may have lost the court case but there were not ready to give up yet stating this in the blog post titled: Vestas has won the court order but the campaign continues […]

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