Posted by: vickim57 | 26 October 2010

Vestas workers in Colorado develop allergies to the resin used

In a repeat of the experience of Vestas workers on the Isle of Wight, workers in their new plant in Colorado have been developing allergies because of the resin that Vestas uses in its manufacturing. The local newspaper The Coloradoan has been investigating the incidents.

Report here.

A local resident has written a letter in response:

Actions of Vestas are shameful

In the pursuit of creating jobs and attracting “green” companies to Northern Colorado, we have compromised the safety of our residents and perhaps our environment.

It appears Northern Colorado’s golden child, Vestas, is not so golden. In our haste, we have allowed a company to bully its way into our community at the expense and well-being of some of our citizens.

Perhaps we should have done our homework and researched Vestas’ environmental and safety record before allowing them to break ground in Northern Colorado.

Are 500 jobs really worth the health and well-being of the 10 or more people who have been fired? And what impact has this had on their families? Are they transferring these harmful chemicals to other family members? Who is being exposed to the epoxy-resin and what are the long-term effects?

We now have former Vestas employees struggling to find work because their newly developed allergies have left them unmarketable, without income and, in essence, disabled. Was it worth it? Vestas needs to be held accountable for crippling its employees and answer these questions or they can get out of my backyard.

Lydia Wiatrowski, Fort Collins


  1. We’re a bit sick of Vestas here in Denmark too.

    They’ve just announced plans to close four factories in some of the neediest areas of Denmark, and putting thousands out of work. Some sort of pledge has been made not to sack husbands AND wives where both work for Vestas, but with all the people sacked last year here, who still haven’t found jobs…these families, how are they supposed to manage? They’ve all got financial commitments.

    Whole communities are being laid to waste by the Vestas gamblers.

  2. A translation of Vestas top boss Ditlev Engel’s statement today about the firings of thousands of Vestas workers in Denmark: “Even though it is really sad (for the workers he means?), we can’t regard the action as a catastrophe for Vestas….Vestas has never been stronger in the market.”

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