Posted by: vickim57 | 23 April 2010

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good?

The Labour government is getting the thumbs-up from one commentator for its progress in renewables. See the report here.

One snippet from it for us to debate:

It was the closure last year of the UK’s sole turbine plant by Vestas of Denmark that galvanized the Brown government into action.



  1. Do you remember Miliband saying that the government “Can’t reverse commercial decisions”. They said that it is for market forces to prevail and not government intervention or command economy. Later Miliband said that money was offered but the Vestas company snubbed them. Sometimes governments have to intervene but this is the neo-liberal capitalist agenda. The New Labour programme is a continuation of this agenda and is the reason why all governments are the same when it comes to policy. It is the basis of EU policy. It is the essence of capitalist globalisation. The cartel parties all sing off the same song sheet.

    The fact that this has failed is neither here nor there. The banks have been bailed out and there has been quantitative easing to allow state intervention in the economy.

    The point is that Miliband said he, “Can’t” but in fact he could have. In this instance there is not only the need for alternative politics, which includes environmental issues of enormous proportions, to rescue a crisis in terms of suggested climate issues but also the future of economy. There is a special case. This is because renewable energy products and low carbon technology cannot be allowed to fail. Remember we were told that banks could not be allowed to fail.

    Miliband lay down and served his multinational masters when he said there is “Nothing you can do about the situation” or it’s a “decision for the company”. This was downright capitulation and bore nothing in resemblance to the heroic deeds of the workers who took their stand along with the people who supported the occupation of the Vestas plant.

    It is said that the closure last year of the UK’s sole turbine plant by Vestas of Denmark that galvanized the Brown government into action. Maybe it was shame but more likely it was the political consequences of an occupation that exposed New Labour and its so called plans for green investment and in particular wind turbines. They don’t want to remember this in the election and they don’t want it raised either. The Isle of Wight issue exposed the naked truth and laid bare the postures of the government. Now, it is hoping people forget and can win votes out of investment by Siemens and others in offshore technology but no promises are made even now to former Vestas workers.

    New labour failed, the Tory Council refused to lift a finger. Turner was ineffectual. Neither can be trusted on the crucial issues facing people. The time is ripe for the politics of the alternative.

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