Posted by: vickim57 | 27 March 2010

Answering climate change sceptics – public meeting, London, 14 April

Campaign against Climate Change


A rising tide of lies, ignorance and disinformation on climate change …where is it coming from ?


Wednesday 14th April, 6.30 pm at SOAS, Room G2
SOAS- Scool of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, off Russell Square (Russell Square tube)

Turn right into the courtyard just off the very short Thornhaugh Street at the North West corner of Russel Square. Room G2 is in the main building on the right of the coutrtyard, up the steps. Lecture Room G2 is immediately on your left as you enter.


David Adam, environmental correspondent from the Guardian
Ben Stewart, Greenpeace
George Marshall, COIN ( Climate Outreach and Information Network), author ‘Carbon De-Tox’ etc

Who are the “sceptics” or “deniers” , how are they organised, who is paying them? Is it true that theirs is the message that people most want to hear and why ? What can we do to fight back ? These questions and more …..hear some answers and bring your own …………….

Updates and info about the sceptic backlash at



  1. “A rising tide of lies, ignorance and disinformation on climate change …where is it coming from ?”

    First of all no one is paying me yet like the majority of people looking at the new AGW religion we are smelling a rat and finding the cause of the smell.

    In fact what we are finding is exactly what you said. “A rising tide of lies, ignorance and disinformation” and I might add some religious type exhortations of faith.

    Check out my blog for FACTS which disprove the AGW hypothesis.

    Dont be insulted by the lampooning but continue to the well referenced facts which are suitable for the layman and dont need a scientist to explain.

    I have never had a reasonable explanation countering the facts and the conclusions one must draw from my blog although I have received a lot of name calling.

    The fact that you people are the liars and the truth is rapidly finding you, out will be supported by the fact that you will not allow this comment in case some of your “followers” will see it.

    Good luck



  2. Agree Roger, however, a good site to see

    The UK Met Office is reviewing the last 160 years of climate.

    Well like saying the previous 1000 don’t count.
    They forget the Medieval Warm period 800- 1350 AD
    Then the mini ice age (1300 – 1850 AD) even though the MWP was extremely warm by todays
    temps and the MIA was considerably colder.

    One can’t leave these out of the so called AGW
    argument. Because thankfully during the last
    160 years this planet is warming because it was coming out of the mini ice age.

    If anything – temps seem to suggest since the
    2000s we are cooling again. We are an ice planet
    and inter-glacials happen and we are just coming out of one. But instead of telling the world, gee we are in for some terrible cooling, they tell them
    climate change will kill us by AGW. Well actually folks it will be Ice not Fire that will ultimately kill us. And AGW is not the causation factor. Explain why four planets in our solar system are also warming too. As far as I know no humans inhabit them, or any living organism. Do some research for goodness sake.

    You are being conned.

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