Posted by: VM | 12 March 2010

25 Jobs to go at Gurit

We heard on Thursday afternoon. The local branch of the GMB union (who worked with Vestas workers and activists to try to unionise Gurit which supplied Vestas, and is adjacent to Vestas at St Cross) has been contacted. Will update anon.
By Richard Wright – Friday, March 5, 2010

WORRIED composite company workers are waiting to see just who will lose their jobs at one of the Island’s best-known companies.
Letters were received yesterday informing Newport employees that Gurit was declaring redundancies, blaming the economic downturn.
Workers were summoned to a meeting this morning (Friday) to be told the company was to embark on a six-week consultation exercise over the job losses in production and warehousing.
An employee, who did not wish to be named, said: “We face weeks of uncertainty over our jobs on an Island where there is no suitable alternative work. People are, obviously, extremely concerned.”
A Gurit spokesman said the company had no comment.
The news comes less than three months after Gurit announced it had bought a New Zealand competitor in a bid to build a leading position in the marine, wind energy and transport markets.
SP, the marine business of Gurit which supplies the race boat, superyacht and high performance custom and production workboat sector, acquired its composite engineering and materials competitor, High Modulus.



  1. The Gurit workers should contact the trades council if they wished to get organised against job losses.

  2. […] not acting against “the subsidy-chasing, socially irresponsible conduct of Vestas” and related companies continue to worry workers. If Vestas is one of the praised companies, I wonder whether we’re attracting sustainable […]

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