Posted by: vickim57 | 15 February 2010

We’re going through changes…

Over the next few weeks the blog will change its look and content. We want to do several things with it, and welcome other suggestions:

1. Maintain a history of the Save Vestas campaign of 2009 and keep up with new developments, eg, what Vestas does next on the Isle of Wight.

2. Reflect the activities of the broader labour movement on the Isle of Wight, which has been boosted by the Vestas campaign and which will be able to use some of the lessons learned througout 2009.

3. Develop VestasWatch, monitoring the activities of the world’s biggest manufacturer of wind turbines. We are not doing this from a sense of vengeance but because the environmental and labour movement needs information about the activities of the renewables sector in order to formulate better political demands and better campaigns.

4. In conjunction with other campaigning organisations, eg, Corporate Watch, develop a broader overview of the renewables sector, not just Vestas. We will expose ‘greenwash’, where companies pretend to be greener and more ethical than they are, in order to boost their image and curry favour with public bodies.

Those are just a few suggestions. Please stick with us, and we hope you will continue to find the blog useful in many ways. The email address remains for now

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