Posted by: vickim57 | 4 February 2010

Isle of Wight council leans on Labour Parliamentary candidate

Ryde and East Wight TUC drew our attention to shenanigans at Isle of Wight council, where the Labour Parliamentary candidate and council Unison branch secretary Mark Chiverton has been leant on to resign his job at the council.

It’s a knotty tale, but we’re backing Mark who backed the sacked Vestas workers last summer.

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  1. And another – 150 workers deliver vote of no confidence

  2. Statement by Ryde and East Wight Trades Council on the sinister and attempted attack on the UNISON Representative at the Isle of Wight Council.

    February 4, 2010

    The Ryde and East Wight Trades Union Council (RTUC) condemns without reservation the attack on Mark Chiverton, UNISON Representative at the council. Mark is under attack firstly in attempt to offset opposition and workers’ organisation at the council. Secondly it is a prescribed attack against the right of workers to politically organise in a party of their own choosing. An attack of this type is truly undemocratic in the extreme and cannot it be allowed to pass!!!

    This blatant and arbitrary attack in the first place is in the context of the economic crisis where massive cuts against the workforce have taken place and further swingeing cuts are being proposed affecting services and social programmes on the island. Not only jobs but ordinary employees’ salaries have been under scrutiny. Those at the top, executives and chiefs, including consultants are not affected. The jobs for the boys have been protected. It is particularly important at this time that the unity and organisation is also protected. It is believed by the powers that be that cutting off the head will intimidate and suppress the body of workers’ opposition and resistance inside the council. The workers and the public must rally at this point and support organisation and representation.
    The Public is seething at the poor quality of services at present highlighted by expensive community charges and hardly anything to show for their money, some of which has been exposed by the nature of this winter’s weather. The workers inside of the council are being exploited even by the cuts so far where workers have to cover for the loss of colleagues. In some cases they have had to double and treble up on the work that has been left. There are bigger cuts in the pipeline. This is happening while the scavengers at the top are looking after themselves and guarding their own privileged positions.

    Regardless of political belief or doubts about whether one should be a representative of Labour or not, RTUC stands firmly behind the individual’s right to do so. And we do so without reservation. It seems unbelievable at this time that a Tory council can prescribe and victimise a person for his or her political orientation but this can only be seen like this particularly as there is an election on the near horizon. It is a lame excuse that Beynon gives that it is the significance of Mark’s pay packet that is the issue. This is utter nonsense and is an insult to any observer’s intelligence. To state that it is a conflict of interest and that it is a question of payment out of the public purse is completely out of proportion and is wrong. This means that no working man or woman should be able to become a politician because labour time on the job is the criteria. These are outdated 19th century notions whereby high salaried executives should be able to stand and workers on low wages should be disenfranchised. This is a privileged and discriminatory class position that will not be tolerated in this day and age.

    RTUC and the rest of the Trades Union Movement on the island will not stand idly by and allow this action to take place. RTUC values its representatives as do the workers in the council and elsewhere. The citizens of the Isle of Wight, Trades Unionists, Trades Councils and community organisations etc. will be one with the workers and their representatives because we believe that AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL. We will naturally rise to the occasion as we deem it necessary.

    04 February 2010.

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