Posted by: vickim57 | 1 February 2010

China: a sick cook that cannot lick his own fingers?

This rather cryptic headline to introduce an interesting story on the website. It’s about how China hopes to overtake the rest of the world as a manufacturer of the components for making renewable energy: wind turbines and the like. All the while, fuelling its industrial revolution on carbon fuels. There’s ironic. China has increased its own use of renewables, but this remains a small proportion of its energy consumption:

By 2020 the vast amount of power in China will still be generated by coal, nuclear and hydro. But an intended jump from current levels of wind, solar and biomass energy of less than 4% – an equal share to that of the United States – to 8% is a sizable increase. This can be achieved through massive state-backed investment, laws enforcing the use of renewable energy by grid operators and generous subsidies for consumers.

As we have pointed out before on this blog, companies such as Vestas will need to look to their laurels if they are to continue competing with Chinese companies with their far more repressed workforces. But why are we giving them advice?!

Workers in all countries need to link up with each other and fight for our interests – economic and environmental – against those of companies – private and state-owned – whose major object is to make wealth for a few. Here endeth the manifesto for today.


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