Posted by: VM | 15 December 2009

Spoil the party: no justice no peace


assemble 18.00 Kongens Nytorv Sq, Tues 15th December

This evening, at the Odd Fellow Palaeet, 28 Bredgade, before we all shut down the shameless Cop 15, the Workers’ Climate Action network has called a demo outside the ”Wind Power Works” cocktail party where the green capitalists will be gathering.

With a Vestas occupier, we will demand justice for all Vestas workers: those who occupied their factory on the Isle of Wight in the UK, those who are being prevented from forming unions, and the thousands that have been laid off in Denmark and across the world by a profit-hungry company.

On Wednesday 16th, we will sign our names to the petition below on the iconic Vestas turbine outside the Bella Centre to show Ditlev Engel, CEO of Vestas, and so-called world leaders that we mean business.

Vestas demo Copenhagen



  1. […] 16 December 2009 · Leave a Comment Several Workers’ Climate Action supporters are currently in Denmark, making trouble for capitalist politicians and bosses (including Vestas bosses) through actions like this. […]


    December 16, 2009

    Ex-Vestas Worker Politician Ian Terry of the Isle of Wight has been speaking at the fringes of the Climate Change Conference in Denmark. One of the almost 20 speakers at the magnificent 100.000 demonstration in Copenhagen was Ian. He said, amongst other things, that the present established politicians could not be trusted and this was the experience of the Vestas occupation. He acknowledged the huge support that came from the International community for the Vestas struggle, seen as part of everyone’s struggle particularly around the issue of climate change.Ian pointed to the political leaders of the big powers at the actual conference saying that they could not be relied upon.
    To back this up already Gordon Brown as outrageously stated that agreement will probably not be achieved. This cannot be allowed to pass.
    Ironically Denmark too is witnessing attacks by the Vestas monopoly on their workers and there is much solidarity being developed between the English and Danish workers. Ian pointed out the significance of climate change and the urgency of the issue and that there must be an alternative. He also said that revolutionary changes should be organised in the way certain problems are tackled. He specifically pointed towards the failures of the capitalist profit motivated system.Ian stressed the need for unity across the board affecting climate change people, trade Unionists, socialists and environmentalists and the need to oppose unnecessary splits and divisions, he pointed to building unity between countries too.He said that we are the future and they are not going to do it for us, meaning the so the called world “leaders”. Seeing Ian Speak at this level is truly an inspiration and shows his astronomic development as a young and influential worker politician capable of matching any of the incoherent Westminster cartel rabble.

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