Posted by: VM | 6 December 2009

Draft petition text for Vestas HQ, Copenhagen protests

Ditlev Engel, Group President and CEO of Vestas Wind Systems A/S,

We support the delegation coming to Copenhagen to demand at the Vestas HQ that they pay the redundancy money due to the workers on the Isle of Wight who occupied their factory in protest against its closure. The closure has cost hundreds of public-subsidised jobs in the renewables sector in an area of high unemployment and shortage of skilled jobs.

We condemn the last two quarterly profit announcements in excess of £70million as Vestas workers are laid-off worldwide. We condemn the payment of a £70k bonus to Paddy Weir – a hated, union busting manager – for throwing workers on the scrap heap and demand that it be rescinded.  Vestas management must recognise the right of workers to form unions on the Isle of Wight and in Vestas sites around the world.

The Vestas workers spoke for all of us struggling against the economic and climate crisis, and for a just transition to a sustainable world; their actions deserve awards not punishment. Protests and actions will continue against Vestas until the workers are paid.



  1. I think you have captured the essence succinctly!!

  2. If you are really hoping for the reinstatement of the sacked workers redundancy you might consider taking a more conciliatory line – if Ditlev Engel reads your draft any sympathy he has for the workers will evaporate. I would appeal to Engel’s better nature by pointing out that what the sacked workers did was done out of anger and frustration and that they had otherwise been, and would have continued to be, loyal and hard working Vestas workers. You might suggest this important conference presents a perfect opportunity for Vestas to be magnanimous and compassionate.

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