Posted by: vickim57 | 29 November 2009

Going out in style – a fond farewell to the magic roundabout

You might think that the eviction on Friday 27 November of the ‘magic roundabout’ Vestas camp, Newport, Isle of Wight, would be a sombre occasion but these pictures by David Smith show that it was anything but. We have a lot to celebrate, even if the owners have got a court order to have the camp removed. The camp has been a mainstay of the campaign by Vestas workers for their jobs, and a place where valuable lessons in campaigning, politics and camaraderie have been gained. Not everyone gets it, of course, but if you spent time there this summer and autumn you will know what we mean!

Last day on the magic roundabout, Newport, Isle of Wight

Arbo and Missi the dog

Arbo and Marina's last stand as the bailiffs move in

Flags still flying on the magic roundabout, Vestas factory, Newport, Isle of Wight



  1. To all who stayed under canvas and the numerous supporters! I salute your commitment to the cause of the working man and tireless campaign for justice, the camp may have been forced to leave the ‘Magic Roundabout’ but neither the spirit nor strong desire to peacefully fight for what is right. Shall ever be broken, and will continue to thrive!

    Good luck and many, many Thanks to everyone concerned.

  2. My Ode to The Working Man!

    Let all working class people unite
    Stand shoulder, to shoulder
    And keep up the fight!

    The right to work, is all we crave
    To be treated with respect
    And not as a slave!

    Allowed to say what’s, right or not
    Without living in fear
    Of being sacked on the spot!

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