Posted by: vickim57 | 26 November 2009

Hanslips defy court to go for rapid eviction

Following the decision by the Judge at County Court on Tuesday regarding the possession order for protesters to vacate the roundabout on the St Cross Business Park in Newport (outside the Vestas wind turbine plant), we hear that an eviction notice was served on the protestors this afternoon.

During the hearing on Tuesday, the Judge chose not to set a time limit on the possession order, stating that given that the protestors had a great deal of belongings to move and intended to re-turf the roundabout, returning it to its former state before they left, he hoped the landlord and protestors could meet to discuss a reasonable time frame.

The solicitor acting for the landlord, Mr Hanslip, advised the protestors after the meeting that they should call the landlords to negotiate the eviction date and gave them the relevant contact details.

The protestors tell us that they called the number provided, but were refused a meeting and this afternoon received the eviction notice, giving them just under two days to vacate and tidy the site.

We understand that they will return to court tomorrow to find a way to have the eviction notice period extended.

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