Posted by: VM | 24 November 2009

Questions for discussion from last Saturday’s forums

1. Vestas
a. Vestas warned the workers that they would be sacked if they carried on the occupation. The occupiers resolved to continue, spurred on by overwhelming local and national support. Those that stayed were sacked with a letter hidden in a pizza box, and lost the redundancy money they were due. This amounts to about £45,000 for the 11 sacked workers. On both sides, this money is a matter of principle. Should Vestas back down and pay up?
b. Do you think the renewables industry should be taken under public ownership, run by the workers?
c. How did you feel about the Vestas campaign when it started, what do you think now, and where should it go from here?

2. Climate change
a. Do you trust that bosses and politicians will deal with climate change in a way that benefits ordinary people rather than their interests?
b. What do you think about the turbines going up on Cheverton Downs? Have you changed your mind since the Vestas campaign?
c. What can working-class people around the world do about climate change?

3. Working class political representation
a. Do you feel the Conservative MP and the Conservative-controlled council represent you?
b. The RMT union has started a campaign to stand candidates in the elections that will work for our interests and remain accountable to unions and working-class communities. Do we need this on the Isle of Wight?

4. Jobs and services
a. Do you feel that there are prospects locally for skilled, rewarding and well-paid work?
b. All over the country public services are being cut and privatised. Which services are most important to you? How can they be defended and improved?



  1. We are grateful to the SAVE VESTAS website for posting these discussions. It is our strong opinion that worker politicians need to come forward to challenge the Westminster Cartel in the forthcoming elections. The main parties are totally bankrupt and we hail the initiative of RMT who have started the campaign for candidates. We do indeed need this on the Isle of Wight and the Ryde and East Wight Trades Council will work tirelessly for such a candidate. Our view is that the politicised workers at Vestas would make ideal candidates for the alternative on the island.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes,


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