Posted by: vickim57 | 22 November 2009

Legal threat to the Vestas campaign ‘magic roundabout’

News about a legal threat to the Vestas campaign camp:

The people remaining on the ‘Magic Roundabout’ protest camp down on the Isle of Wight outside the now closed Vestas factory have been officially handed their eviction order by the land owner (Hanslips?), and the court hearing will be this coming Tuesday [24 November].

If people want to get in touch with the roundabouters, please email and we’ll do our best to get your message to them.



  1. Are those idiots still there? In this weather? Well, 10 out of 10 for staying power but no marks I’m afraid for common sense.

    • Absolutely agree with Rob, have these ‘sad derelicts’ got no homes or family to go to! Do the idiots on the ‘magic roundabout’ not realise that all interest has gone and that nobody cares – life is a rat race – we have all got problems of our own – deal with it you saddoe’s

      • Well, leaving aside the gratuitous abuse, that’s the whole point isn’t it, life is a rat race – and it doesn’t need to be.

        The people on the roundabout have probably learned a hell of a lot more about life from doing that than you will ever learn. Including how to get off the wheel.

  2. Hope you stick around guys and gals.

    I see they are trying to move the green supporters off the island just in time for our nimby council to refuse the wind turbine application in place on the downs.

    They already leaked the info to an anti-turbine group 3 days before they published it to everyone else. What hope do we have?

    Isle of Wight… Eco Island?… My Arse!

    • I have noticed you said “the now closed Vestas factory”. As far as i know there are still people working at the factory, conducting reserch for better blades. Which in the long run will be helping the green energy campaign. Research and development is always needed to be able to to be able to produce new technology. Since the “eco warriors” have arrived i know they have put these jobs at risk. I wonder if they realy believe in what they are doing or are they just moving from place to place taking cash from the dole and collecting money on the streets.

  3. Wondering what the rats (by which I mean the first two troll commenters) are poisoning their minds with?

  4. Clarkee
    I agree wholly with your sentiments.
    Eco island Isle of Wight – pah!!!

    When will people realise that wind power is the future?

    Keep the roundabouters !
    Whilst the factory has closed – these guys are committed to keeping everyone aware of climate issues.

    Climate issues affect us all – its just that some people dont seem to realise……….yet

  5. i think clarkee has it spot with this council, it can’t support green jobs,it can’t sign up for 10/10 and hopes to keep votes by not support wind turbines.

    had a cup of tea yesterday with the crew and none fitted the labels given to them above, and is that the rob who said he had moved on weeks ago but still keeps coming back?

  6. The vast majority of the people around this Island want to see them go. I drove past the other day after my friend said they were still there. I was apauled to see the mess they have created and junk they have collected. They seem to use a lot of re-usable pallets that could be put to good use. While i was driving round the round about i saw a young child on the roundabout. (It was a good job i was going slow as he steped out onto the road without looking and i had to stop). We all play on the streets when we are kids but i urge the mother or father of this young boy to exercise a bit common sence. It might not be a carefull driver next time.

  7. Unhappily,
    I have just discovered where our good fortune in jobs has come from.I am sorry to note that the Vestas Company has received a great deal of positive press and financial support from the state of Colorado, while making redundant so many of the employees from the Isle of Wight.
    While life may be sometimes be a piece of sh** as Mr. Idle once sang, I also believe we all have a responsibility to to do right by others to keep our personal and private lives in harmony. Anything else leaves us all derelict and sick.

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