Posted by: vickim57 | 15 November 2009

Green jobs feature in the Independent

The Independent newspaper today has a big feature on the prospects for green job creation in the UK. It’s hard to tell whether they think it’s going to happen at the rate promised by the government, but it’s an interesting article anyway, and Vestas, Isle of Wight gets a namecheck.



  1. Vestas certainly do get a namecheck…
    “Citing the absence of a viable market in the UK and a growing market in the US, Vestas and its business logic can’t be faulted: 425 jobs were lost in Britain but Vestas created 5,000 more in the US and China”
    So Vestas can’t be faulted! Why then the tirade of socialist nonsense on this website proclaiming the exact opposite. Can’t have the penny and the bun.

    • How far do you want to take this logic? Vestas can make more money in the US so they’ll go there and make it there and then when they can make more money in China they’ll up sticks and go and make it there and when the rate of profit is too low even in China, well, they’ll just sit on their capital. When companies up sticks to chase bigger profits there isn’t always some other work to fill the gap for the people they lay off. That’s very obvious, I would have thought, on the Isle of Wight right now.

      All these companies care about is their rate of profit. They don’t care about us, why should we care about them? And in any case, why should rate of profit dictate whether things get made or not? Things we need. Why should rate of profit dictate whether people have a job or not? Jobs we need.

  2. Wouldn’t your logic lead us to Marxism Victim57? Haven’t we already tried that? Give me companies like Vestas any day over organisations like the Stasi.

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