Posted by: vickim57 | 16 October 2009

VestasWatch: is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a wind turbine blade

Quite an interesting story about Vestas (pah!) working with a defence company (argh!) to produce a wind turbine blade that doesn’t look like a light aircraft on radar. If we were going to get political mileage out of this story, we could point to the fact that it’s often only when an issue has a military aspect that the powers that be resolve to solve it.

Story here. Here’s a taster:

An MOD spokeswoman said that the ministry was fully supportive of the Government’s renewable energy policies and targets, but had to protect Britain’s assets and activities against anything that may “adversely affect operations”.

“We have a responsibility to provide adequate air defence radar coverage to help maintain national security and to ensure the safety of aircraft and of people on the ground. Where wind turbines are at risk of interfering with radar systems we do what is practicable to work with developers to try to find effective mitigation. We assess each proposal on a case by case basis and only raise planning objections where it is absolutely necessary to do so…”


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