Posted by: vickim57 | 16 October 2009

Vestas campaign demands – poster to download

A lovely big Vestas campaign poster with the workers’ demands to download and use wherever you can! (Thanks to James Beecher.)

We keep fighting for:

1. Reinstatement & Redundancy for the 11 sacked workers who occupied the factory in an attempt to save it (together owed £45,000), and improved Redundancy for all 600 workers.

The Rail, Maritime & Transport Union (RMT) is collecting for a Redundancy / Hardship Fund.

2. Re-open the factory – under Worker Contol, through Nationalisation if necessary, buyout by a consortium if not.

Leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas MEP has put forward a proposal to IOW Council that it turns the factory over to a Workers’ Coop under the Sustainable Communities Act 2007.

3. A decent Energy Strategy from both national Government and Isle Of Wight council, including policy commitments to ensure that the UK/IOW installs significant Renewable Energy generating plant, and that production of equipment for this is UK/IOW-based.



  1. Vestas factory IS still open!!!! it is still carrying out Research and development with a good 200 jobs still being kept there. only 425 lost jobs majority have found new jobs according to local press. Protesters have made their point and been listened too, but its now like flogging a dead horse im sorry to say nothing is going to change now surely it would have happened by now!

    • I’m sorry to say, the majority have not found new jobs. The IWCP reports themselves show that. They might hype the good news, but the bad news still outweighs the good news.

  2. Bob,

    You’re wasting your time posting here, as I said on the Ventnor Blog this dispute was long ago taken over by people with an extreme left political agenda. Their only interest in climate change is how they can use it to further their political objectives – they know that only 20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall they have little support but they hope that the effects of climate change will enable them to persuade people that they are a viable alternative to main stream politicians who have done little to prevent climate change.

    They are attacking Vestas because a multi national corporation that is achieving so much in the area of preventing carbon emissions does not suit their agenda at all. What would suit them is to to bring Vestas down in order to show people that capitalism will not save us from climate change.

    • Well Rob, I see you are here again trying to drum up support in spreading your words of hatred against anyone who has a genuine grievance with Vestas, and all those from varying walks of life and age groups who, like the good Samaritans donate time and energy into finding a way forward in securing a better financial deal for the redundant and sacked workers.

      Much of what has happened to the sacked workers could have been prevented from the first instance, if the ‘whistleblowers’ on the shop floor had kept a tight lip and drawn on their inner strengths, to fully support their work colleagues.

      Perhaps as you have such a scant regard for the sacked workers and coalition of supporters who occupy the roundabout in front of the St.Cross factory. It is because you were one of those ‘whistleblowers’, and your actions are preventing you from getting further employment on the Island.

      You are totally wrong in your continued accusations that the supporters of this site are trying to drive wind turbine and blade makers off the Island, if you were to rid yourself of the hatred you are carrying around inside your heart and began to see things more clearly. Then everything which the Unions, Workers Liberty and Climate Campaigners as a joint coalition with their numerous supporters worldwide are trying desperately to achieve, not only for those of the Isle of Wight, but for the planet and all its inhabitants, is a safer place to live.

      Only renewable energy sources can bring this change about, so why not join the millions who have the foresight to do something about it, instead of keep bemoaning those who do.

  3. “Only renewable energy sources can bring this change about, so why not join the millions who have the foresight to do something about it, instead of keep bemoaning those who do”

    You mean……people like Vestas?

  4. Re-open the factory – under Worker Contol, through Nationalisation if necessary, buyout by a consortium if not….!! Brilliant, of course thats the answer. Nationalised factories have such a great track record of innovative product ( eg the Trabant). So lets assume the workers cooperative have reopened the factory and restarted blade production. Who is going to buy your blades. Not Vestas clearly, so who else? Which other turbine manufacturers. Wait a minute – don’t they already have a source of blades. Gee i guess they do so why would they want to buy your nationalised blades? I have asked this question before on this site and have yet to see any answer. Have the people calling for a nationalised factory ever worked in a factory environment (or ever worked at all). Or are you just playing the worst sort of anti capitalist politics and in doing so jeopardising the employment of the remaining people at Vestas.

  5. Hello JimmyD, Just a brief response to the last part of your reply statement in which you ask if, the people calling for a nationalised factory have ever worked in a factory environment, or even worked at all? The answer to both questions is YES! They are in fact the very workers who occupied the Vestas Blade Factory, in a bid to stop its closure.

  6. OK, you understand how factories work. So what’s the answer to the question of who is going to buy the output of a nationalised blade factory?

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