Posted by: vickim57 | 13 October 2009

A letter to David Pugh: don’t criticise the green campaigners!

Dear Mr David Pugh,

I read with interest your interview on the Isle of Wight Radio which has left me feeling completely outraged at your stance towards the coalition of campaigners, who are still ensconced on ‘The Magic Roundabout’ in front of the shut Vestas Blade Factory.

I, like other Islanders were lead to believe several weeks ago that you fully supported the actions of the sacked workers and were supposed to be doing everything in your power to get them reinstated, so they could in turn get their redundancy payments. However, this appears not to be the case and they are still fighting alone for what it is they believe in – The rights to work in a green industry.

You also pledged support in applying stricter conditions on Vestas who now, with the planning consent of West Medina Mills will have three of the five working wharfages on the Island. What chance does any new Green Company have of shipping large items off the Island should they decide to move here.

Regarding your statement that having “those” here is not the image we want to portray, might I point out that the ones to whom you refer to as “those” are in fact the very people with a far greater interest in the image of the Island being an ‘Eco Island’ than you are.

Furthermore, the ‘Green Issue and Global Warming’ as I understand it, is something which affects everyone worldwide and therefore as such has no boundaries. On this basis alone anyone who has the courage of their convictions can voice their concerns, from whichever corner of the planet they so desire.

Likewise any UK citizen can freely choose the Isle of Wight as their platform to raise awareness of renewable energies especially with the recent downturn of a sacked and redundant green workforce. This in itself is a major crime! Without the added hypocrisy of those who dare to challenge the actions of a few.

Unlike the majority of people, who just spend their time criticising others through various media sources. Protesters, activists, campaigners, call them what you will are ordinary people of all age groups and from varying walks of life who are prepared to stand up and have their voices heard for whatever cause it is, they believe in.

To those who use the word ‘Outsiders’ or ‘Those’ when describing the occupiers of the roundabout affectionately known as ‘The Magic Roundabout’, from my understanding they are a mixture of Islanders and Mainlanders and above all else citizens of the United Kingdom.

Therefore! Unlike Vestas, they are not strictly outsiders, but our own fellow countrymen and women who deserve recognition for staying out in all weathers whilst supporting the sacked workers, and fighting for an Eco Island. With them its not just rhetoric, and no action.

Dr.Caroline Lucas MEP apparently enjoyed a fabulous open-air lunch with the coalition of campaigners on ‘The Magic Roundabout’ and is now the proud owner and wearer of a ‘Support The Vestas Workers’ T-Shirt. I have attached a photo of the T-Shirt being worn by another supporter at Church Litten Park (The Day of Action) on 17th September 2009.

I thank you for the interest given to the contents of my email, and eagerly await your comments.

Best regards,

Peter Milne (Newport resident and Vestas Workers Supporter)

Support the Vestas workers!

Support the Vestas workers!



  1. first class letter peter, that puts in words what i think and as an islander myself i have great respect for all the groups supporting the vestas workers and the wider national and international problems that all living creatures are facing from man made pollution.
    so keep it going

  2. Dear Peter
    You have written an inspiring letter.
    I am also an islander and I agree with your sentiments
    Green is the new black !
    Green energy is the future

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