Posted by: vickim57 | 8 October 2009

Big majority of ex-Vestas workers still unemployed

A report on the This is Hampshire website tries to talk up the fortunes of ex-Vestas workers after the Newport plant closed in August – “Fresh wind blows for Vestas workers” – but the journalist’s own figures show that a large majority are still unemployed.

MORE than 80 former workers of wind turbine maker Vestas who lost their jobs when the Isle of Wight and Southampton plants were shut earlier this year, have found new jobs.

A further 90 are in training and education, the Government has revealed as South-East minister Jonathan Shaw paid a visit to the region.

The report goes on to admit:

They are the lucky ones of the 427 who lost their jobs in the closure, which made headlines around Europe because of an 18-day sit in protest by angry workers.

In fact, a further 100 or so workers lost their jobs in Southampton when the Isle of Wight plant closed, so 427 is too low a figure for the number made redundant.

Meanwhile, the front page of the Daily Echo reports how 50 workers are to lose their jobs at the Red Funnel ferry company – an eighth of the workforce.



  1. And now the pennny starts to drop. How does anyone expect employers to set up operations in IOW after the factory occupations, blockades etc. All those companies who could potentially offer employement to local people will now look elsewhere to set up operations. Once the climate camp has packed up and moved on to live off state handouts somewhere else, it will be the local people who suffer long term through unemployment.

  2. The only body getting state handouts around the Vestas factory is… Vestas. Millions to set up, millions for their R&D factory, and in the end millions from the US government in subsidies to go and expand production there. They’ll come back to the Island one day… when the price is right.

    The reason unemployment is high for Vestas workers is… unemployment is high. That’s one more reason why it was better to keep the factory open and keep those workers doing useful work.

  3. wot is it with protestors…….The factory IS still open!! only production has ceased….R & D is still going on there

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