Posted by: vickim57 | 6 October 2009

VestasWatch: join our case study in corporate behaviour

One thing an industrial dispute does is shine a light on the workings of big – and not so big – business. Of course, all companies have skeletons in their cupboard, they all play roughly by the same business rules, they are all – for good or ill, you decide – part of the capitalist system. But following the fortunes of one company, doing a case study, can be very instructive in how that system works.

That’s one reason why we are launching VestasWatch – not to launch a vendetta, not to be vindictive (though, goodness knows, many of the ex-Vestas workers from the Isle of Wight have reason to feel bitter), but to show how one company works so as to show how all companies work.

There are plenty of other companies that get this treatment. Anti-sweatshop campaigns put the practices of companies like Nike and, lower down the food chain, Primark under the microscope all the time. Again, not because there are many saints out there that you should go and buy instead, but just to show how the whole exploitative system works.

If you want to share any Vestas news, please post it in comments or email it to

A good website for advice on researching companies is Corporate Watch. They have a downloadable DIY guide to doing it.

We have been following the market fortunes of Vestas for a while now, one tracker that we use shows the company faltering: a ‘weak downtrend… negative longer term is strengthening. The market action could signal the start of a major trend change…’ The reasons why another time.


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