Posted by: vickim57 | 5 October 2009

VestasWatch: Vestas finds money to sponsor a sailrocket (whatever that is)

We’re a little out of our depth here, since we don’t know what a sailrocket is, or why Vestas would be sponsoring one except to cloak themselves in some spurious glamour, but… check out the progress of the Vestas sailrocket world speed record attempt here.

P.S. We do know where Walvis Bay is!



  1. I can understand why you’re out of your depth here. Your contribution to preventing climate change seems to be to sit in a tent in the rain. The Vestas sailrocket team are a little more creative than that. I imagine Vestas sponsors the team because it draws attention to wind energy as a carbon free alternative energy source – or don’t you believe in that anymore?

    • Aw, Rob you must be one of the security guards then? Or Vestas management team? Anyway, Id love to look at the sailrocket but unfortunately my IT teams filters are blocking the site as it belongs to the category of ‘Fraud’. The message says I can contact the team if I believe this is mistaken. Don’t think I’ll be doing that then.

  2. We might sit in a tent every once in a while, but we’re drawing attention to workers as the main agents of change regarding our future on this planet (and to small-scale renewables as part of the mix with our mini-solar array that powers our little camp, btw). if vestas is so interested in wind energy as a carbon free alternative energy source, rather than as a guilt free money making source, why did it shut the newport factory? given that it was profitable and making “the best blades in the world”… hmmm?

  3. So, Maggie and Peter, does that mean you do believe in wind energy or you don’t believe in wind energy?

    • Certainly I believe in wind energy and I also believe that Vestas staff are just as you say, very clever folks, also pretty brave when it comes to standing up for what is right and keeping the government here to its promises and not letting unscrupulous bosses who care more about profit than wind energy get away with acting the way they have.

    • if i didn’t “believe” in wind energy – why would i be trying to save production of the machines required for it’s harnessing?

      (as a quibble, there’s nothing to “believe” in. wind energy isn’t santa claus or fairies or god. it’s the most practical and efficient way of harnessing the energy that abounds in nature and causes no – or extremely negligible – damage in that harnessing. solar requires more mining, and doesn’t collect as much, large-scale hydro involves flooding huge areas, nuclear is a dangerous distraction and carbon illusion, and tidal and wave ideas aren’t quite up to speed yet – oh, and my personal favourite of pedal power isn’t really scalable…)

  4. Rob – whilst I can sort of understand your frustration – this is not the forum to share it.
    Should you wish to continue with your rant – then perhaps you should work for Vestas – unless of course (as I suspect) you already do.
    Hot air is useful in some circumstances – but not constructive in this one !

  5. Walvis Bay
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Walvis Bay (Afrikaans Walvisbaai, German Walfischbucht or Walfischbai, all meaning “Whale Bay”), is a city in Namibia and the name of the bay on which it lies.

    The bay has been a haven for sea vessels because of its natural deepwater harbour..

    Benefit scroungers Vestas will find themselves in good company if it’s this Walvis Bay, rubbing shoulders with dodgy diamond and gold miners, arms dealers, mercenaries, etc.

    As to Troll Rob’s thoughts on ‘us’ not supporting wind, doesn’t he notice we’re the ones who are wind- and solar-powered, running 12V systems. Rob needs to get a bit better plugged in to today’s realilties!

  6. Umm…Kat and Rooftop – I am one of the Vestas workers made redundant and since this blog is at least to some extent about me and my colleagues I assumed this was the forum in which to share my thoughts. It’s a pity you find opposing viewpoints so difficult, but not, perhaps, surprising.

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