Posted by: vickim57 | 24 September 2009

Support the “Vestas 4” – court appearance on Tuesday 29 September, Southampton

Four supporters of the Vestas workers’ campaign on the Isle of Wight are due to appear at Southampton magistrates court on Tuesday 29th September. They are appearing in connection with the crane protests at Southampton docks on Tuesday 15th September.

We are organising a gathering of friends and supporters outside the court, from 9.30am. If you would like more details, please email

United we stand, divided we fall, so come and show some unity with those who have put themselves on the line for others. Thank you.

And support the Vestas 1!

If you can’t get to Southampton, there is also a Vestas 1 appearing at Newport magistrates court on the same day – details of the charge tomorrow though I can tell you now that it’s nothing too heinous!

He would appreciate support from 9.30am. He is likely to be called later in the day, but company from early on would be welcome. If you think you can go along, please email

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