Posted by: VM | 22 September 2009

Police invade marine gate camp

Today, 22 September, is the day when Vestas bosses will try to move blades from the Newport factory.

Police forcibly cleared workers and supporters overnight from the camp at the marine gate. The barges to carry the blades are expected at noon.

Join us on the cycle path outside the marine gate to protest!



  1. Members of South East Coop Support meeting this morning in St. Mary Street, Southampton would like to send their support and express solidarity with your efforts. Don’t give up!

    Nina Lambert
    Southampton Area Coop Development Agency

  2. It is unlikely that your protest will succeed.
    With all the “big money investor’s interests”
    our ONE world, our ONE planet, will continuously
    be ruined and wrecked. As I live here in Germany
    I will not be able to personally support you today.
    But I will do so with my petitions, my signatures, my verbal protests, and my prayers. God bless.
    Greenpeace is right: If our planet was a bank,
    our governments would save it! Luv to you all –

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