Posted by: vickim57 | 21 September 2009

Ed’s Pledge looking a little thin – run-up to Copenhagen climate change conference

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband launched a website recently called Ed’s Pledge.

The eagle-eyed (I was not one) noticed that it is a Labour Party website. Ed, in his official capacity, also stars on the Department of Energy and Climate Change website where the headline slogan is “Act on Copenhagen”.

Whether or not this blurring of boundaries between what’s state and what’s party troubles you, it’s clear that the Labour Party seeks to boost its green credentials and get political capital from its work – or waffle – around the Copenhagen climate change conference.

Recently Miliband invited Labour Party members to take part in a poll to choose between these ‘priorities’ in tackling climate change:

  • the Prime Minister attending Copenhagen to help deliver a deal
  • doing more to provide home insulation in the UK
  • more government support to create green jobs

In fact, one of these wishes has just been fulfilled, with Gordon Brown announcing he will go to Denmark for the important conference. Presumably he did this for reasons of state rather than because Ed Miliband wields great influence over what the PM does. More to the point, why was there ever any question about whether or not he should go?

It would be good if we could share resources on this blog for explaining what’s at stake at Copenhagen, and how we can scrutinise the Labour government’s green claims. If you have any ideas please email or leave them in the comments. Thank you.


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