Posted by: vickim57 | 17 September 2009

Two signs that the blade blockade is biting – so come and join us!

If it weren’t hurting them, Vestas would be able to ignore the blade blockade at the factory in Newport, Isle of Wight. But it is hurting them. They can’t get the remaining blades and valuable equipment out, and so they have approached the Isle of Wight council for two kinds of help. One channel of communication is threatening; the other promising.

On Wednesday the camp at the Marine Gate was served with legal papers stating that the Isle of Wight council considers the blade blockade an ‘unauthorised traveller encampment’ and that they will try to recover the land it is on.

Meanwhile, while these papers were being prepared, council leader David Pugh spoke to the sacked Vestas workers. Like Vestas he wants the blockade removed, but the workers pointed out that it is their main source of leverage with the Vestas company. Pugh offered to talk to Vestas, and claimed Vestas told him they have sent letters to the sacked workers about possible reinstatement. The workers have told Pugh that is not true – they have received no letters. Pugh has said that he will speak to Vestas again, this time to Paddy Weir, the plant manager.

So that’s where it stands: the legal papers are not likely to be processed immediately; before the legal threat is acted on, Vestas has a chance to speak to the Vestas workers. There is every sign that the blade blockade is biting. We ask you to come and strengthen the blockade and help the Vestas workers to win.


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