Posted by: vickim57 | 17 September 2009

TUC conference passes emergency motion supporting Vestas workers and green jobs

Vestas and green jobs

Submitted by National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers

Congress notes on 18 August the wind turbine manufacture Vestas reported a 29 per cent revenue increase and full-year operating profit forecast of 11 to 13 per cent whilst also hiring 5,000 workers for new factories in China, the US and Spain.

Congress is appalled that despite this expansion just weeks earlier Vestas closed England’s only wind turbine factory, devastating the local economy and destroying skilled green jobs.

Congress applauds the Vestas workforce and their families who courageously fought to save their jobs, including occupying the factory. Their principled stand to defend their community and to fight climate change is a tribute to the finest traditions of our movement.

Congress congratulates the TUC, affiliates and green movement for supporting the campaign to keep the factory open and defend those workers who were sacked for occupying the factory.

Congress welcomes the high level summit hosted by Ed Miliband on 8 September to discuss the promotion of green jobs in the energy supply / manufacturing sector and notes the impetus of this was the Vestas closure.

Congress notes this forum will continue to meet and urges the General Council to campaign to ensure the UK’s ability to meet climate change targets and create green jobs through a balanced energy policy is not held to ransom by market forces but instead includes a strategy which:

i) urgently explores the benefits of UK publicly owned wind turbine manufacturing capacity, including at the Vestas site

ii) public procurement and accelerating the permitting process.

Mover: National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers
Seconder: Unite

[Resolution passed on Thursday 17 September, national day of action in support of Vestas workers]


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