Posted by: vickim57 | 16 September 2009

Vestas campaign day of action: support wind power for the Isle of Wight

We are having a Pro Wind display outside Millets and the Early Learning Centre in Newport on the day of action, 11-3pm, St James Square, Thursday 17th September, in conjunction with Friends of the Earth. If you have small children please bring them along for some face painting.

We are hoping to engage local families with the campaign and to gather support letters for the Cheverton Turbine Application, which goes to committee in October so we have four weeks to gather support. The clock is ticking.

Attached is the letter for councillors supporting onshore wind turbines on the Isle of Wight – if anyone could sign one and drop it off to us on Thursday that would be wonderful. We are handing them into County Hall at 4.30 and would like to have as many as possible.

(And don’t forget the march – assemble Litten Park at 12.30pm. And drinks in the evening at the Chicago Rock Club in the evening.)



  1. I’ve read several times on this site how the Vestas factory should be saved through nationalisation. Could someone please explain to me how this would work. I understand that the IOW factory makes turbine blades and not the complete wind turbine. Presumably as this is a Vestas factory, they make blades to Vestas designs and specifications. Who then would this nationalised business sell its products to? Not Vestas as they do not need the factory’s current output or they would not be closing it. So who else would buy these blades? All other turbine manufacturers have their own source of turbine blades so could someone explain to me how nationalisation would work?

  2. Oh Jimmy D, have a bit of imagination! There’s a skilled workforce left behind by Vestas that could turn their hands to working any type of blade; It’s these skills that are valuable, not only for production on the Isle of Wight, but also for the local economy. As an analogy, a Ford trained car technician isn’t limited to one make of car, skills would be transferable.

  3. I have no doubt that the workforce could turn their hands to the production of any type of blade but you still haven’t addressed the fundamental point of who is going to buy these blades. Other turbine manufacturers already have a source of turbine blades so where is the market?

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