Posted by: vickim57 | 16 September 2009

Vestas workers’ great reception at TUC conference; Miliband heckled

Vestas workers at TUC conference 2009; picture from Ryde TUC/Morning Star

Vestas workers at TUC conference 2009; picture from Ryde TUC/Morning Star

Vestas workers visiting the TUC conference in Liverpool this week have had a great reception. But you wouldn’t know, from this report in the Guardian, that Ed Miliband, Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, who addressed the conference was heckled by Vestas workers.

Here’s a – cynical or fair? – take on Ed Miliband’s speech at the TUC by City diarist Martin Waller in the Times:

In the blue corner: Ed Miliband

“The world’s biggest wind turbine blades will be made in Britain!” trumpeted the Department of Energy and Climate Change yesterday. “Cutting edge offshore turbines bigger than the Blackpool Tower!” One would have to be hugely cynical to point out three entirely unconnected facts, but here goes.

One, Ed Miliband, who made the announcement, is in Liverpool facing the Brothers and, the Energy Secretary knew beforehand, protests by sacked workers from the Vestas turbine factory on the Isle of Wight.

Two, the announcement of these planet-saving mega-turbines has been made already, but hey, you can’t have too much good news. Three, it’s mega-turbine, no plural. The contract from the Crown Estate is for one prototype, from the AIM-listed Clipper Wind Power. Note the headline use of the plural “blades”, three of them, as is usual for a wind turbine — singular.

And, even more fortuitously, the prototype will be built on Tyneside, new Labour’s heartland. By contrast, those benighted Isle of Wighters tend to vote Conservative. Still, it might have got Miliband out of a fix at the TUC in Liverpool. And that’s all that counts.


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