Posted by: VM | 16 September 2009

4 activists arrested and held overnight

The two activists who did the banner drop were eventually allowed off the Blade Runner barge after the police established after an hour quite what crime they might have committed. They were escorted off and banned for life from Port Authority premises. Paddy Weir and his security chief (who had been crank calling one of the activists for the last couple of nights) rocked up to our amusement: the £70k bonus he was expecting for throwing workers on the scrap heap may be some way off.

The four activists on the cranes stopping the blades being loaded onto the BBC Ohio were treated appallingly, threatened with terrorism charges, then subjected to the trauma of the cranes being moved and lowered defying all health and safety precedent known to trade unionists on the docks.

They have been arrested and will probably be charged with aggravated trespass.

The day has been an overwhelming success from our point of view, complementing the ongoing mobilisations inspired by 6 Vestas workers at the TUC. However, the reckless and provocative behaviour of Vestas management has reached a new low, after the sacking of workers via a pizza delivery, the refusal to negotiate to date, the stealing of activists’ tents, and the general threats and intimidation.

Two days before the national day of action (!) today’s events should impress upon this cowboy outfit that we will keep on fighting and we will win.

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  1. These actions and attempts to criminalise dissent by the state are unacceptable and should not be allowed to pass! Isle of Wight people are democratically minded people, whether there is disagreement or agreement on issues is neither here nor there, people should be allowed to protest. We condemn actions against people and workers who are struggling for their rights, livelihoods and the environment. We do not accept ludicrous claptrap about “terrorism”.


    Ryde Trades Council

  2. These so called protestors are achieving nothing other than causing Vestas extra costs and no doubt putting in question any further investment by Vestas on the island. Why would any multi national invest in a place which has camps outside its property preventing the legitimate smooth operation of R&D activity at St Cross.

    The personal attacks on the management at Vestas are disgraceful and untrue.

    I hope the day of action is the final action in this pointless protest and the the paid protestors pack up their tents and go home.

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