Posted by: vickim57 | 15 September 2009

Whose factory? Our factory! Whose blades? Our blades!: An invitation from the Vestas Blade Blockade

An invitation from the Blade Blockade:

Whose Factory? Our Factory! Whose Blades? Our Blades!

At the end of August Vestas rapidly started shipping out a secret stockpile of 500 wind turbine blades from the warehouse in Southampton to the USA. Three boats carrying more than half these blades have left…

Preventing the movement of the remainder of these blades and of the machinery is our best leverage in winning our demands from the government and Vestas management:

The occupying workers who were sacked must be reinstated with full redundancy pay, and the government must act to take wind energy production under public owenership.

We believe that wind energy belongs to the people, and that it is workers who have built this factory and made these blades. It is our side that have demonstrated the determination to guarantee the future of renewable energy and the creation of socially useful jobs for all. It is long overdue to take back the power from the likes of Vestas and the politicians who work to defend their profits.

Join the Newport blockade

Vestas are now trying to clear out and remove the remaining blades in Newport so that they can shut down the factory that workers and activists have been fighting to reopen.

Since the occupation of the building was evicted we have been picketing the Newport site 24 hours. We believe this blockade has so far forced Vestas to delay their plans. On Wednesday 10th September we set up a scaffold-pole tripod, a major obstacle, but it will be a show of strength from the people of the island that can turn the tide.

We will have two hours notice of the Blade Runner barges leaving Southampton, giving everyone on the island time to get down and stop the blades from going.

Like the well-established Magic Roundabout solidarity camp, the new Marine Gate camp is an inspiring place to be: There is plenty of space to camp with a great view of the river and sunrises.

Action Training

On Monday we got together to prepare for the blockade and for the national day of action on Thursday 17th September. Hannah, a Climate Camp action-support trainer, originally from Newport, came to run an afternoon of skill-sharing and planning.

From the beginning the occupying workers have been clear that this was not only a fight for their jobs, but it was part of a wider struggle for the right to meaningful and socially useful work for all. This campaign has received support across the island, across the trade union movement, and among all those who believe that now is the time to defend ourselves and our planet with our deeds. We must act now to reopen the wind turbine factory.

To get in touch call Robin on 07974 331 053 or e-mail


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