Posted by: vickim57 | 8 September 2009

A message of support from Ireland

A message of support for Vestas workers from Ireland

Hi there, my name is Michael Donnelly. I was saddened and frustrated by the decision to shut the Vestas plant in the Isle of Wight.

I have been working on sustainability issues in Ireland for ten years now and have been continually frustrated by the lack of decisiveness and the gap between Government rhetoric and action – saying they want to tackle climate change and to build a new green economy but being so slow and obstructive when it comes to putting in place both policy and support for making it happen.

The public wants to buy green energy. I want to see your wind turbines all over the place – as a visual reminder that collectively we are doing something about this global emergency.

Your fight is much bigger than you think – people all over the world have a stake in your struggle. If the 5th biggest economy with its global posturing on climate change can do this on a whim then it says little for the global potential to turn this dangerous situation around.

Do whatever it takes and keep your struggle going.

In friendship and solidarity.

Michael Donnelly
Director, RealEyes Sustainability Ltd


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