Posted by: vickim57 | 5 September 2009

“Have you seen this barge?” – pictures of the Vestas Blade Runners

Blade Runner One

Blade Runner One

Blade Runner Two

Blade Runner Two

What can we say? These vessels transport the Vestas wind turbine blades from the Isle of Wight to the mainland.



  1. Whose Blades? Our Blades! Whose Factory? Our Factory!

    PeterPannier | 05.09.2009 14:22 |”We have definitely stopped them from removing the blades from Newport. 25-30 supporters from the mainland plus the hard core of the workers set up a camp to blockade the Marine Gate today. Our thinking is that, seeing the size of the mobilisation today, Vestas decided not to come to Newport. Both this camp, and the ‘Magic Roundabout’ camp in front of the factory will be maintained – and will have kitchens, running water, and power. Join the blockades!”

    from Indymedia:

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