Posted by: vickim57 | 4 September 2009

I see no ships – no Vestas blades will move from Newport, Isle of Wight today

Your blogmaster is not on the Isle of Wight herself but relying, like blogreaders, on the news trickling through. So what people on the ground are telling me so far is:

No boats today. Day one of the blockade was a success. Vestas did not try to move any blades. We are calling on activists to come and participate asap. We’re drafting a press release tonight.

I know, a million questions flow, but we will have to wait a little longer. I imagine they are very busy down there – many of them for months now. Could do with reinforcements, so if you can free up a couple of days in the next week to go and help it would be priceless. I know it is a big ask but there are good reasons for asking it.




  1. Bladerunner 2 looks like it left Cowes & is now heading for a southern location by 3pm –

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