Posted by: vickim57 | 4 September 2009

Follow events at Vestas, Isle of Wight on… Twitter

Never thought I would say it, but Twitter is useful. VentnorBlog is tweeting from the side of the River Medina from where Vestas are likely to try and move ‘their’ blades today. Follow VB yourself here. Much better still, if you are on the Island, go along yourself. Or if you can’t go today but want to keep in touch for urgent actions, email your mobile number to

Here are some of this morning’s messages from VB – all at 9.30am:

– The sun is really doing its thing down here at #vestas
– Lovely old Welsh ex-farmer [aka Welsh John], who is the tenant of the land between footpath and river, has taken me to jetty for photos #vestas
– Quite a few people on the waterfront at #Vestas in anticipation of the Blade Runner arriving for blades

There’s a pic – of the River Medina this morning – on VentnorBlog itself and a hint that the barges have picked up blades from Venture Quays, East Cowes… are they returning to Southampton, or coming up the Medina to Newport?



  1. surprise, surprise, @ventnorblog is broken again this morning (it last happened aruond the time of the balcony eviction I think). anyway, at present the teasers (headlines) from Ventnor blog are readable, but when you click onto to ‘read more’ all you get is a server error (well that’s the case here in sunny dalston at least)

  2. I see no ships…

    Frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve texted the folks on the scene and hope they will send me some word as soon as they can.

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