Posted by: vickim57 | 3 September 2009

URGENT: Attempt to move the blades likely at Vestas today, Friday 4 September

Vestas bosses will probably attempt to remove the remaining wind turbine blades today, Friday 4 September, from the factory at St Cross industrial estate, Newport, Isle of Wight. Our information is that they have started moving the two barges which transport the blades.

The “window” for them to move the blades is two hours either side of high tide, which means between about 9:30am and 14:30pm on Friday.

We’ve texted all Vestas workers we have numbers for, and several have already replied to say that they will be there at the “marine gate” of the St Cross factory. Please join them if you can. The “marine gate” is off the cycle track leading from Newport to Cowes, which is a turning off River Way/Manners View on the St Cross industrial estate.

If you would like to talk to someone on the Island for the latest information, try Ed on 07775 763750 but please be patient because everyone will have their hands full for the next few hours! Thanks.

Travel advice from London: we don’t take any responsibility for this info BUT if you want to travel from London it looks like it’s possible to get a 6.15 train from Waterloo to Portsmouth harbour, and then you could travel as a foot passenger on Wightlink ferries. You could be on the Island by 9.30ish. If you are interested, have a look on Megabus.

Coverage: VentnorBlog for happening news including link to a very detailed shipping map!



  1. The “Advance” fares via are similar/if not somewhat cheaper – as the fares there include the ferry as well.

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