Posted by: vickim57 | 2 September 2009

Vestas workers and supporters say: solidarity with Southern Vectis bus workers

Bus drivers from the RMT union are on strike today, Thursday 6 September, and we are going to go down and join with them in solidarity. We need as many people as possible to come along at 5am Newport bus station or 5:30am at Ryde bus station. I know it’s early but they have supported us all the way with our campaign and we need to give them our support in return – hopefully I’ll see you all there!

Mike Godley

Brief report on VentnorBlog.



  1. Not to sure how I feel about this one personally.

    I understand they are striking for more money but why do it on times when people who pay their wages need the buses the most?. Least these guys are lucky enough have a job unlike many on this small Island. Surly there are other ways you could hurt Southern Vectis.

    Some of you guys may think I’m having a moan but It’s been a crappy day all day and I have needed to meet a bank manager in Newport and then slip over to Cowes to see a solicitor. Imagine how wet I have been all day waiting for buses that turn up as and when.

    OK your trying to hurt SV but don’t you see your punishing us bus users a lot more (the buses are not that great at the best of times) We arn’t so lucky to have two bus companies on the island so we have to rely on what we have.

    It’s not going to help the climate if we all have to rely on taxis and our own cars.

    Jim Bean

  2. The discussion on this over at VentnorBlog – which began with the identical comment as above – is worth reading.

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