Posted by: VM | 2 September 2009

A message to those still working at St Cross – solidarity

Below is the text of the leaflet that workers and supporters on the picket are handing twice a day to workers who are still going into Vestas as part of the clean-up team.

A message to those still working at St Cross – solidarity

We are here to let you know that the campaign to save jobs at Vestas is still going on – and that you do not have to go in today if you do not want to.

In the last couple of weeks, support for our fight has kept flooding in from across the Island and the country, from trade unions, green campaigners and individuals. Vestas workers will be speaking at the Trades Union Congress in Liverpool the week after next. The next day of action on 17 September looks like it will be bigger than the last.

And we now have at least some support from the council, who are putting pressure on the South East England Development Agency to make Vestas release the St Cross site so that the government can take it over or another wind turbine company move in.

We are here not because we are hostile, but in solidarity with you. We are here as part of our fight for all Vestas workers, including those still working at St Cross. We urge you to join the RMT union, and get involved in our campaign.

When the work closing down the factory is finished, even more Vestas workers will be redundant. We have been told that life is pretty miserable in there at the moment.

The RMT has said that if there are health and safety or bullying problems of any kind in the factory, that is a legitimate reason to refuse to go in and work.

So bear this in mind – and if there are issues, don’t suffer in silence. Give the local union a call on the number below and get some help.

In solidarity – for decent jobs for all workers

07935 868 009


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