Posted by: vickim57 | 2 September 2009

Vestas sacks its Danish workers then promotes its product to their children

The Copenhagen Post (English language website) reports:

Thousands of school pupils to learn about science in an amusement park over the next week and a half

A climate and energy academy for school children will be held in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens.

Created in cooperation with Vestas Wind Systems and Dong Energy, the academy will involve about 10,000 pupils aged 12 to 15 from schools nationwide.

Projects at the academy, which opened yesterday, will address wind energy, gravity, kilowatt hours and greenhouse gas emissions, educating the students on the benefits of renewable energy.

‘If we can contribute practical and concrete knowledge about energy reduction and give students a better understanding of sustaining the Earth’s well-being, then we’ve taken a huge step,’ Tivoli’s managing director Lars Leibst said.

Education Minister Bertel Haarder was at Tivoli for the academy’s opening, taking a ride on the 63m high Golden Tower with a glass of water to show the effects of gravity.

‘Galileo did it from the Leaning Tower of Pisa and now we’ve done it at the Golden Tower of Tivoli,’ a wet Haarder told Berlingske Tidende newspaper just after his experiment.

Dong Energy and Vestas have covered more than half of the entrance fees for the students into Tivoli for the academy days, but the schools are still required to pay 50 kroner per pupil.


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