Posted by: VM | 29 August 2009

Vestas workers need support in the Isle of Wight on and after 31 August

Our best information is that Vestas may try to ship out the wind-turbine blades left in their factories in the Isle of Wight on 31 August or within the next few days after that.

Protest against the movement of those blades, and of the moulds which Vestas also wants to move, is the chief leverage that the workers have with Vestas.

Around 11 blades, worth about three quarters of a million pounds, were unfinished on 20 July when workers occupied the St Cross factory, to resist closure, and bosses sent home workers from the Venture Quays for fear that factory would be occupied too.

Now – according to our information – the blades have been finished. Probably Vestas will want to move them soon, since they have ships booked to take blades from Southampton, and since they need to clear space inside the St Cross factory for other uses.

The workers were evicted from occupation on 7 August, but continue to picket. With support from outside, they can mount serious protest against the movement of the blades and moulds. They have to be moved by barge, at or around high tide.

High tide is 09:45 on Monday 31 August, and 10:41 on Tuesday 1 September. It has been usual for Vestas to work on bank holidays.



  1. Understand your concerns regarding redundencies, however, if you are promoting green energy/windpower, stopping the windblades being shipped is kind of hypercritical is’nt it?

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