Posted by: vickim57 | 27 August 2009

Vestas to run schools? Story at

Imagine if you can that you are a council education chief on the Isle of Wight and you are determined to hand your schools over to the private sector.

If you were ideologically committed to setting up an academy to grasp for government grants, what sort of company would you choose to run seven large schools?

Would it be a company which has shown a commitment to the island? One that has honoured its contract and promises to its staff? One that has shown it will not put super profits above the interests of the environment?

Apparently not. The company you would choose is Vestas. The wind turbine manufacturer has shut down its Isle of Wight factory with the loss of 425 jobs because making £34,000 in profit for each employee is not enough.

Brendan Montague
Full story at


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