Posted by: vickim57 | 26 August 2009

100 days, 1 planet: can we trust Ed Miliband with the environment?

If you are a Labour Party member you might have got the message below in your inbox today.

Labour Party member,

Did you know that, over the next 100 days, over 20 million children will be born across the world? Before any of these children even celebrate their first birthday, a momentous decision will be taken that will affect them every day of their lives.

In just over a 100 days time, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to decide on a make or break deal on climate change.

Add your name today –

As a member of the Labour Party, you’re part of a movement dedicated to making sure that every child has the best start in life and that we all have a duty to help make that happen.

Children here and across the world face a more uncertain and dangerous future if climate change is not limited. A greener future here and abroad offers not just a chance to avoid such disasters but a better life for all – with cleaner, healthier places to live, better jobs and a future less reliant on oil and gas from unstable parts of the world.

That’s a future we want for our children and those in China, Bangladesh and Brazil who will all suffer if we don’t act. We have so much to gain if we do.

Add your name today –

The days are gone when world leaders simply locked themselves in a room and put together a deal. We live at a time when voices of people outside the room exert pressure and make a real difference.

Each and every additional voice adds to the pressure for the deal that future generations need.

Make sure that, in 100 days time, you’ll be able to look back and know that you didn’t stay silent – but that you spoke out and helped make a difference.

Add your name today –

Thank you,


If you click on it shows you Ed Miliband’s Twitter feed (!) then invites you to endorse “Ed’s Pledge” to the Copenhagen climate conference in December:

“I’ll be pushing for clear action to get a global climate deal that’s ambitious, effective and fair. This means ambitious cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, keeping countries to their word and supporting poorer countries in adapting to climate change.”
Ed Miliband
Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

The email is entitled “100 days, 1 planet”, emphasising the very great seriousness of the environmental issues that confront us. Do you believe that Ed Miliband has the answers to problems of climate change?



  1. I’m looking at this primarily from the climate change point of view. especially after seeing the results of actual climate change happening now around the world and how it will affect people right now – not just some vague date in the future. So how does it make sense to picket a factory belonging to a company whose business is all about reducing carbon emissions? This industrial dispute is a seperate issue and it’s a mistake to pretend otherwise – climate activists need to focus their attention on climate change issues, not industrial disputes.

  2. That factory is closing, if it does then all the blades for turbines in the UK and northern europe will be imported,

    Secondly unless people are unable to save their jobs and influence their lives at this level they will not be able to be organised to influence the climate change issues that are while definitely more important that a one off industrial dispute an abstract concept to people facing the dole.

    It might be largely symbolic but the actions and picket of the factory have heightened the profile of the Climate Change issue.

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