Posted by: vickim57 | 25 August 2009

Workers’ Climate Action at Climate Camp

Workers’ Climate Action is playing a crucial role in the Vestas campaign. Activists from the group will be at Climate Camp from Wednesday, 26 August and all week. If you are at the camp on Sunday or Monday, you could attend a workshop organised by WCA, details below. To get in touch with WCA at Climate Camp ring or text Bob on 07843 945 005 or Robin on 07974 331 053.

1. Women and the miners’ strike
Sunday 30 August 10.30-11.30
This workshop aims to demonstrate that the ideas of workers in struggle can be transformed. With conscious solidarity, divisions in the working class can be overcome.

2. Climate change is a class issue – an introduction to Workers’ Climate Action
Sunday 30 August 14.30-16.00
A basic introduction to the ideas and activity of the WCA network.

3. Visteon, Lindsey, Lucas and workers-led just transition
Sunday 30 August 16.30-18.30
How do we relate to the most socially and environmentally damaging industries? Can workers take control and transform their workplaces? Speakers include a Visteon occupier.

4. Vestas – workers fight to save a wind turbine factory
Monday 31 August 16.30-18.30
An account of the workers’ factory occupation and campaign — fighting not just over jobs or pay, but over a technology we need to save the planet. Speakers include a Vestas occupier.


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