Posted by: vickim57 | 22 August 2009

Warrington Wolves fan: if we really value community we will drop the link with Vestas

Message from a fan of rugby league team the Warrington Wolves, which is sponsored by Vestas:

As a season ticket holder since the Wilderspool days I am appalled at the actions of Wolves primary sponsor, Warrington Wolves have prided themselves and rightly been awarded for their community work.

Warrington are a community club that has supported the community and in return has been supported  through thick and thin by the community. All the staff (including players) at the Wolves work tirelessly to improve our community.

So I feel that Warrington should disassociate themselves from VESTAS as soon as is reasonably practical, only this year Wolves have dispensed with the services of a player whose off field activities did not match their own community values.

600 jobs IS a community and I can only feel for those people being dumped, but what I cant imagine is the utter devastation to the community that this sort of senseless greed will bring. Imagine the attendances dropping by 7% every game, that would worry any team, that’s how many 600 people mean.


We will have a protest against Vestas at the Challenge Cup final which will be held at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 29th August. Anyone who would like to help with that, please email Robin



  1. I agree entirely with victim57 and sincerely hope that the team will revert back to the original hooped plain primrose and blue shirt on Saturday.I have written to the local paper about this being a potential embarrassment for the club and the town and a slap in the face for the workers in the I.O.W. I would join the protest on Saturday if I were able.

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