Posted by: vickim57 | 22 August 2009

London Vestas workers support groups launched

At a large meeting (about 40 people) on Thursday 20 August, in the Bread and Roses pub in Clapham, the South London Vestas workers support group got off the ground.

Speakers from the RMT, Workers’ Climate Action and Campaign Against Climate Change, and Denis, one of the Vestas workers, provided plenty of insight into the campaign.

The meeting decided to raise funds to help pay for people to visit the Isle of Wight to help with the pickets, as that is a priority for the campaign at the moment, and took a collection to start the ball rolling.

The campaign will continue, organised partly by Nadine who works for Battersea and Wandsworth trades council. Email Nadine if you would like to be added to the Yahoo group for the South London Vestas Support Group –

A central/north London support group was launched on Wednesday 19 August, email

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