Posted by: vickim57 | 20 August 2009

Teachers, students: support Vestas workers’ campaign for green jobs, Thursday 17 September

A message to the teaching professions and students, from Portsmouth RMT:

I’m sure you will have seen the recent coverage of the Vestas dispute and the ongoing actions in support of their cause.

The Vestas workers are calling for a day of action on Thursday 17th September and I hope you can help with this day of action in schools.

The Vestas workers want action by groups of workers. This will have an enormous public impact. As teachers you can bring this campaign into many homes in the country, you and your sister unions could organise a teacher’s group to approach the head and organise a day when all lessons are about climate change, green jobs and Vestas. Teachers can approach this from the point of view of their subject. The Campaign against Climate Change can produce a teacher’s pack.

In further education colleges we can do the same. Union groups, or student unions, or both can organise this. Because colleges and schools only begin a few days before the day of action however, it may be necessary to meet on 17th September and organise these teach-ins for the following week.

The Vestas campaign website is


Richard Howard
Portsmouth Branch, RMT


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